Not So Berry Challenge: Rust’s Protest

Rust got up this morning and decided to work from home. He wanted to see who else would fall for his charms. He decided to write a letter to the mayor of San Myshuno to ask if he could protest his cause. The letter came back approved. He decided it would be fun to take his Fiance, Vivaan, with him so they can spend some time together. Might as well because he gets pissed at him for leaving him at the alter laugh.

He chuckles to himself as he picks up the phone and gives him a call.

“Hey, Vivaan. Wanna go to the city with me today? I’m going to be protesting.” He asked.

“Sure. Let’s go!” Vivaan said excitedly.

“I’ll meet you in the Art District.” He hangs up the phone and gets ready to go.


Rust arrives at the Casbah Gallery at 12 pm. He waits for 10 mins and then calls Vivaan but he doesn’t pick up the phone.

Really? The first time I’m protesting and no support from you? I don’t feel bad about leaving you later.

He walks to the middle the square with his sign and starts to protest. 15 minutes later, the square remained empty.

“What the hell? No one showed up.” He looked around dejectedly.

He saw a woman selling gemstones and decided to make myself feel better by flirting with her. Women and men are nothing but a number to him. Something to pass the time. He decided to go into the gallery to see if he can find someone else.

She’s already in love with me so I’m bored. He thought as he entered through the gallery doors. He looked at one of the painting thinking that his mom should be displayed in this gallery as well. She’s so underrated. His phone rings and he sees that his girlfriend Elle is calling.

“Hey babe. What’s up?”

“I want to go out tonight. Let’s go to the club in Windenburg.”

“Sure. I’ll meet you there.” He hangs up the phone. Ok… not all women are just a number. There’s something about Elle that makes him feel differently. He heads to the club wondering what trouble he could get into tonight.

To be continued.

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