About Fitness To Cosplay

Watching anime, reading manga or comics, and playing video games are sedentary activities that cosplayers and fans of this culture take part in. It’s common for people to watch entire lengthy tv series or play videos games for an entire day.  Being sedentary increases the risk of health problems. For example, high blood pressure and obesity can result from a sedentary lifestyle. The solution is to encourage cosplayers and other people alike to be more active.

Mission Statement

Cosplay is the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game, especially one from the Japanese genres of manga and anime according to Google. The word is simply a combination of costume and play. We want to bring health and fitness to the cosplay world by motivating everyone through cosplay workout videos, graphic informational booklets and supplying fitness gear with a unique and fun twist.

Vision Statement

Fitness To Cosplay over the years would like to be a force of encouragement to the cosplay community. We want to host events centered around health and fitness in a fun and interesting environment where we can be whoever we want to be and do whatever we set our minds to. We aim to be a staple vendor at major conventions across the country and become sponsors to events supporting the causes that mean the most to us.



About Tsuki Neko

My name is Ashley Fain. I’ve been living healthy and losing weight with no real goal in mind. My Goal Weight is 120 but then that’s it. Well on Instagram, I’ve been following a lot of cosplayers and I’ve wanted to become one for so long. I haven’t yet because 1) The money issue which is being resolved and 2) my body shape. There are plenty of outfits I want to wear such as Celestine from Magna Carta 2 but there is no way I’ll be able to. So I looked upon the pictures on Instagram and decided, THAT’S GOING TO BE MY GOAL. I’m going to become a cosplayer and wear whatever I want. I’m going to get my body in shape! Now I’ve gotten a response from an instagramer stating that she’s so happy that she met someone who has the same goal as her and inspired her to try harder. OMG. That’s great. So that got me thinking. Why only me? I can help so many other cosplayers in the closet that think they can’t cosplay because of the shape of their body. I’m going to make a FITNESS TO COSPLAY REVOLUTION. Anyone who thinks they can’t do, they can! I’m going to be the prime example. I’m going to post up YouTube videos, pictures on instagram and everything else. I want to place FTC on the map for all the cosplayers out there!


About Suta Neko

My name is Starling Grey and I’m a long time anime lover, soon to be cosplayer and Lolita fashion lover. Fitness and anime are my two favorite things and I’ve decided on joining Ashley to bring about the Cosplayer Fitness Revolution! My goals revolve around running and as I become a stronger runner, I hope to promote Fitness to Cosplay in various events. I hope to soon see fellow Fitness to Cosplayers running trails with me!

4 thoughts on “About”

    1. There are so many cosplayers out there that won’t cosplay a character because of the way they look. I hope to inspire many to recognize that they can change that way of thinking.

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