Not So Berry Challenge: Rust’s Protest

Rust got up this morning and decided to work from home. He wanted to see who else would fall for his charms. He decided to write a letter to the mayor of San Myshuno to ask if he could protest his cause. The letter came back approved. He decided it would be fun to take his Fiance, Vivaan, with him so they can spend some time together. Might as well because he gets pissed at him for leaving him at the alter laugh.

He chuckles to himself as he picks up the phone and gives him a call.

“Hey, Vivaan. Wanna go to the city with me today? I’m going to be protesting.” He asked.

“Sure. Let’s go!” Vivaan said excitedly.

“I’ll meet you in the Art District.” He hangs up the phone and gets ready to go.


Rust arrives at the Casbah Gallery at 12 pm. He waits for 10 mins and then calls Vivaan but he doesn’t pick up the phone.

Really? The first time I’m protesting and no support from you? I don’t feel bad about leaving you later.

He walks to the middle the square with his sign and starts to protest. 15 minutes later, the square remained empty.

“What the hell? No one showed up.” He looked around dejectedly.

He saw a woman selling gemstones and decided to make myself feel better by flirting with her. Women and men are nothing but a number to him. Something to pass the time. He decided to go into the gallery to see if he can find someone else.

She’s already in love with me so I’m bored. He thought as he entered through the gallery doors. He looked at one of the painting thinking that his mom should be displayed in this gallery as well. She’s so underrated. His phone rings and he sees that his girlfriend Elle is calling.

“Hey babe. What’s up?”

“I want to go out tonight. Let’s go to the club in Windenburg.”

“Sure. I’ll meet you there.” He hangs up the phone. Ok… not all women are just a number. There’s something about Elle that makes him feel differently. He heads to the club wondering what trouble he could get into tonight.

To be continued.

Learning How To Use Photoshop Actions

Good morning everyone. I didn’t know that photoshop actions existed. They are basically preset for different looks like reshade for The Sims 4. I’ve used a couple of them already and I love the preset Midnight Party. It’s so pretty! Now all my screenshots will have a similar look and style and I’m so happy about it!

BTW, this girl is the girlfriend of Rust, my rose generation, in the Not So Berry Challenge that I stream on Friday and Saturday. Visit my twitch to give me a follow so you can keep up with the story!

I’m Trying OMAD

Hello everyone!

On my last post, I said how Star has recently started eating OMAD style. Well, now I want to try it. I normally eat with an intermittent lifestyle. I would start eating at 1pm then I pushed it back to 3pm. I want to see how my body reacts to the OMAD lifestyle. Will it hold onto everything I eat at dinner time. Or will it process everything like normal. It’s already been stated that we didn’t eat the best for the past few weeks because of the move.

Once we get paid, we are doing grocery shopping and we will find some OMAD recipes to share with all of you. I will also be doing our first haul since the move and I’m so excited! Let me know if you want to see a weekly grocery haul. We use to do it a while back.

I think this is my first time experiencing OMAD so I’m approaching this like a newbie and trying to learn everything I can. I don’t want to do the diet wrong. Next month I would like to do a video on my progress and experience.

Thank you guys so much for reading this blog! Have a great day and remember to stay healthy!

Tough Time After Moving

Good morning everyone.

If you follow our social media, you know already that we finally found a place. We moved in 2 weeks ago, and we still haven’t unpacked everything. The life of an anime collector, me and crafter, Star. I can’t wait to do a home tour for you guys. The house looks amazing and cute. It’s taking a while to get everything together. There’s enough room for me to workout and do yoga on the days we can’t go to the gym. There are those days.

We are currently balancing out our bills. We didn’t know how high the deposits on the utilities were going to be. So we are struggling a little bit, but that’s OK. The past two weeks, we haven’t been going to the gym every day, but that’s to be expected because of moving. We think we‘ll be able to jump back on the horse today and continue on our journey.

Star‘s new weight is 138. She’s eating one meal a day, and she is making sure she’s eating a full day of calories. I, on the other hand, has gone in the opposite direction ha ha. I’ve gained three lbs but it’s not as bad as I thought. With the way that I‘ve been eating, I thought I was going to gain 7 lbs ha ha.

That’s our update for now. I will be updating the blog more in the future. I’m also coming up with ideas for our YouTube Channel. I want to bring back Manga Mondays. If you have any ideas, let us know. I have the space to record videos, and I’m praying to get my gaming channel up soon as well. Thank you so much for being patient and keeping up with our blog. We appreciate every single one of you.

If you aren’t subscribed to our channel, the link is

Thank you again and have a great day!

Future Monthly Progress Videos

Hello everyone!

This morning I got the idea of doing monthly progress videos on our YouTube Channel. This is keep me motivated and add content to the channel.  A long time ago, I had made myself a challenge that I didn’t share with anyone except for Star. I called it the no mirror challenge. I would not STARE at myself in the mirror for as long as I could. I say stare because it’s hard to not look when there are mirrors literally EVERYWHERE. I would shorten it to a glance and I would just look at my face.

Well I don’t remember how long I did this for but when I looked in the mirror, I was shocked at how my body looked. I also remember I weighted at 127lbs. When you are on a fitness journey and you look at yourself everyday, you don’t see the change that’s happening. So not looking for a really long time helps you realize your progress. I suggest you guys try it as well. It also helps when you are wearing a loose fitting shirt.

In the videos, I will show my body but only for like a couple a minutes. I will definitely show my measurements and weight changes. I’m weight training right now so I know that I will gain lean muscle so I don’t expect much change in weight. If I’m trying something knew like a workout or my way of eating, I will talk about that as well.


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