Progress on my Running Armband

So true. As a child I wasn't all that interested while my mother tried to teach me knitting and crocheting. it took years for my creative side to come back. My creative side is different from my Mom's....more painting and quilting. Funny what careers and busyness will hinder in our lives.  J.

This is my progress so far on my running armband that I’m creating. The space for my phone is done and now I’m continuing on with the space for the keys. I will so in the middle of the two spaces to separate them to make sure that my phone isn’t scratched up and more than what it is right now. 😀

Running Armband

I changed my mind about the cell phone case after I saw this pattern.

Crocheting Again

crochet to be awesome #crochet #quotes @Corina Gray

I have started back crocheting when I have the chance. I’ve already finished one item of mine. It’s a cowl and even though I know that I live in Florida, I know that I will need to use this on one of those very few cold days that I will need to cover my face when I’m outside. I can also use it as a really nice headband.

My next project is a cell phone case from, Crochet Geek, Love her btw, for my iphone since I KEEP DROPPING IT. Anyway, I tried to do it last night but it was too tight so I’ll have to do it again and lengthen the first chain that I will do. Below is the youtube videos for those of you that would like to try to do the pattern yourselves. I’ve also copied the pattern directions for those who would like to read the pattern instead of watch the video.

G Crochet Hook
Yarn 4-Ply worsted weight

Multiple: 2 + 3 (she meant round 2 + 3 btw. You’ll have to alternate.)

Chain 15 (I will probably have to do 20 or more)

Round 1: SC in each ch across (14 SC), on the opposite side sc in
ea ch.join at the beginning. (14 SC). There will be a total of 28
single crochet when finished.

Round 2: Star Bottom: Chain 3, pull up a loop 3 times through the
next 3 chains and in ea of the next 2 SC for this first round. (HDC
for remaining rounds). There will be a total of 6 loops on the
hook. Pull through all 6 loops on the hook with a sl st. Make 15
bottom sections of the star stitch, join in the beginning ch 3.

Round 3: Star Top: Sl St over to the closing joining the previous
6. CH 2, HDC in same sp. 2 HDC in ea joining space around. (15
sets of 2 HDC)

Rows 2 & 3 complete a full star stitch. Complete both row until you
get your pouch the length you want it to be.

Part one

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Part two

Florida SuperCon!

I’ve always wanted to go to a convention and be able to cosplay. Now I’ll finally get the chance! My first convention will be the Florida SuperCon! It will be located at MIAMI AIRPORT CONVENTION CENTER (MACC) and DOUBLETREE HOTEL. It’s 4 days long but I think I’ll just be going for the weekend, on Saturday and Sunday. I’m planning on dressing up for both days. One day, I’ll be Stocking from Panty and Stocking (for those who haven’t seen it, it’s a must see!) and the other day, I want to be Tia Dalma from Pirates of the Caribbean. I never thought about her until I seen some cosplayers dress up as her and it’s like OH YEAH! I really love her in the movie. She’s my favorite next to Jack Sparrow of course. LOL.

Now I have a new goal weight since 120 might be a little steep. I would have to lose 1.75 lb a week from now til July. My current weight is 148, unfortunately. So 130 sounds more reasonable. 18 lbs doesn’t sound bad right? I’ll try my darnest to get to my goal weight so I can wear my beautiful cosplays.

Belly Dancing

What got me into belly dancing was going to 24 hour fitness. For the money they charge monthly, they have some classes I can go to. But anyway, I went to the belly dancing class there and I fell in love. I left the gym and now I need to find places that I can do the belly dancing. I went to meetup and found a place that seems nice. The place is called GODDESS DANCE, YOGA & CULTURE They offer a free classes for 30 mins. That’s enough for me. I want to own a belly dancing outfit so I went online and looked around. I feel in love with the outfit below. I don’t care if it covers you almost completely, it’s a favorite in my book.

Blah day and Crochet

Today was a boring day at work. The Creative Director was there to guide me. Poor man was out sick again so I had the pleasure of having my boss’ to try to give me work, fun.  When I got there I did have work but around 2, two of them left which left me with one that I barely work with and that can’t come up with anything. So I basically had to come up with something to do on my own. I got to work at 10 because I had to walk again so I was going to leave at 6 but not if I don’t have anything to do.  So I left. 
When I got home, my book, “The Happy Hooker” by the author of Stitch’n Bitch, Debbie Stoller. Now all I need is the right size hook and I can start practicing.  I started to read it but at the same time I was listening to “Meet Cap” on Netflix and lose my concentration.  That has got to stop if I’m going to try to crotchet. My first project will be the Convertible Hat.