BTL Collectibles Show Vlog

We went to sell at the BTL Collectibles Show this weekend. We had a lot of fun.

South Florida’s only monthly show of its type where you can buy, sell, or trade many different types of collectibles including, but not limited to, vintage to modern toys, silver age to current comics, vintage to modern sports cards & memorabilia, coins, anime, manga, Disneyana, posters, prints, original art, art books, non-sports cards, retro to modern video games & systems. Plus, gaming cards such as Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon Trading Card Game, Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game & the Naruto Trading Card Game, and so much more!

Check out there facebook page:

2 Days until Omni Expo!

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Wow time has gone fast. It’s 3 days before Omni Expo and we are racing to get everything finished. This will be our second convention we will be attending and we are really excited! As we are getting things ready, we are trying to figure out what food to bring. This will come later in a video; How To: Plan Your Meals For A Con.

We handmade more products then at Holiday Matsuri so seeing people’s reactions to them will be exciting. We have more bentos to sell since we were almost out at Holiday Matsuri.

Unfortunately we won’t be in cosplay. We didn’t have enough time to make them and the products. But at least we know what we want to cosplay for Florida Anime Experience in April. We will be recording the con so there will be a Con Walkthrough: Omni Expo and we will be interviewing cosplayers that will be visiting our booth and when we walk around.


Fandom Con 2016 Possiblity


A couple of days ago, we received a email asking us to join their vendors list this year. This is very exciting because they are the first con to ever contact us. We think we will be able to go but we have to plan everything out to make sure. We’ll keep you posted. (⌒▽⌒)

What exactly is FANdom? FANdom is a predominately anime based convention that also caters to fans of comics, video games and sci-fi We’ll try to bring everything and anything fans want to see in an all inclusive event like none other! Our location at the Emerald Coast Convention Center in Fort Walton Beach is spacius and large enough to hold a number of events and open things up for attendees to roam around and have a great time.

This time around, November 11-13, 2016, we want to increase the amount of events while still giving you the classic events from years past. Year seven will prove itself to be bigger and better than year six and we hope to continue this trend for years to come.

Don’t forget to friend us on Facebook and “like” our FANdom Con page for all the updates we have and pictures our fans have taken.

Magic City Comic Con 2015 and Pompano Beach MLK Neon Color Run/Walk

On Friday, a guy called and said that he wanted to speak to my boss. He wasn’t here so I wanted him to leave a message. He said he had free VIP tickets to Magic City Comic Con and he wanted to know if my boss wanted to give them to some coworkers. I quickly gave him my boss’s cell and the guy just dropped them off!!!

We had so much fun at Magic City Comic Con. We went in the morning and walked the vendor’s hall but it was SO crowded that we left without looking at everything and went to some panels. The last panel we saw before we left was a cosplay tap dancing group called Noise Complaint! They were amazing and I’m definitely following them to see if I can catch more of their performances.

We left the con to go to the Pompano Beach MLK Neon Run/Walk to celebrate Martin Luther King. I walked and Star ran. The run started at 5 which are weird since it was still light out. It should’ve started at 6. We almost didn’t make it because we thought they were going to start it at 5:30 to make sure everyone got registered. When we got there, they were going to start in 5 minutes!

We went back to Magic City afterwards to catch some evening panels and we got home around 11, I think. Sunday we didn’t go because Star had to work and I knew she would be tired. I would normally take a lot of pictures but there weren’t many people who were in cosplay this time around. Most people were casual. I did take a couple of picture which I will upload in the gallery soon.

Pompano MLK Neon Night 5K Run/Walk


For those of you that live in South Florida, there is a Run/Walk that will be this Saturday in Pompano Beach. Below are the details of the event and the link to register.

Pompano MLK Neon Night 5K Run/Walk

DATE: Saturday, January 16, 2016
TIME: 5pm
LOCATION: Pompano Community Park: 820 NE 18th Ave., Pompano Beach, FL 33060

Register Here!

Website update!

I took the time out this weekend to give our website a new look! I’m very happy with it and it has a chance to grow other than placing things on the site and hoping to fill in the blanks later. I’m already thinking of pages to add but one step at a time.

Team Ghoul Giveaway

We will be handmaking pillowcases with our own designs on them. To celebrate, we are holding a contest on all of our social media sites and blog. Good luck!


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