First Bike Ride In A Long Time

Good evening! Since my bike got fixed, I decided to go on a bike ride! I've learned that I have an official bike path by my house. So perfect! It was 5 miles wide and I completed it in under an hour. I was a great ride if you don't count the large spider I … Continue reading First Bike Ride In A Long Time


Getting in shape for Cosplay blog 3

Here’s a fellow fit cosplay blogger that I would like you all to support in her weight loss journey!

Beauty of Cosplay

Hi lovelies I hope you are all well!! This post is just a super short update to let you know I will be doing the Cosplay weight loss monthly starting from the first week of October as then I will have more to put into each post including process picutres and sharing my favourite meals etc. Sending you much love!

Mochifairy x

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