My Thoughts on the “Religious Freedom” Bill in Indiana!

I just read from CNN about the “Religious Freedom” bill and I wanted to give my thoughts about it while it’s fresh in my mind and I have to time to talk about it, since I’m at work :D. If I loose followers of this, I’m not sorry. This is how I feel. Goodbye.

In my opinion, I think Pence is trying to pass this bill into law because America has finally accepted gay marriage and this is retaliation. What gives someone the right to turn someone else away because of who they are and then call it religious freedom? First of all, look at the name. Religious Freedom. It’s their religious freedom to be who they are. Are you saying that you have more of a freedom to reject them?

So someone wants to visit Indiana for vacation and have a romantic dinner with their lover, they have to worry about what companies will give them the boot? That’s not relaxing at all. The Governor of Indiana is right; everyone in and out of Indiana should be able to live happily without worry.

I’m happy that companies are opposing this bill. I’m normally not a negative person but if the bill passes, I hope every major business pulls from Indiana because of the bias against their customers.

“The Constitution of the United States and the Indiana Constitution both provide strong recognition of the freedom of religion but today, many people of faith feel their religious liberty is under attack by government action,” Pence said.

Of Faith? Really? Being gay messes with their religious liberty? Can I please tell you that being gay is NOT A RELIGION? So how does it attack your RELIGIOUS liberty? You just hate the fact that most of America embraces gay people.

Do you know that in the Pledge of Allegiance, at the end, where it says “with liberty and justice for all”? They are trying to get liberty and justice for everyone in America and it’s a shame that there are people out there that are opposing. Are you really American? If you want to discriminate so badly, then go to another country because we don’t want that here. There I’m done.

Time Rant!

This month, I realized how much free time we have. None! Between working, gym, meeting up with Suta’s mom. We have no other time for ourselves. When we think we have free time, that time is taken away by something else. The only way would be able to make free time, is to drop something. But we shouldn’t be able to do that right? We should be able to schedule everything and find time for ourselves to relax and get some of our personal errands done. But we have none. If we plan to drop something, it’s important to us or someone else. We CAN’T drop gym time. That’s a must, no matter how other people would see that it’s unnecessary.

You don’t put your health on hold for anyone. And even if we do workout at home, that’s still time. We had to go to a laundry mat at 12 in order to wash our clothes and went to bed at 2. Sleeping is a important part of being healthy. Not only that but we’ve also had to rush and eat our meals. We haven’t been able to go grocery shopping so we’ve been eating out. Some options were not healthy.

I’ll tell you our day to day

Monday Thru Friday

8:30-5 (Jobs)

5:30 – 7 (Gym)

7 – ?? Dinner (Varies wherever we go)

??-?? Mom’s House or go to work on FTC at Starbucks

?? – sleep (hopefully)


8:30-5 (Jobs) Then go to Star’s Job afterwards and stay til it’s time for her to leave.

8:30 – 10 (Star’s job) – No Gym 😦

Saturday – Sunday

8-4 (Job)

5-6:30 (Gym)

??-?? Dinner

??-?? Mom’s House

?? – Sleep (Hopefully)

So this has been our life. It really sucks on Wednesdays. There’s no to time to do anything else. We have to find something out soon or else we’ll go crazy. And yes we work 7 days a week without a day off. We use to hangout a lot with friends and family. We go on errands and take care of house work. We can’t invite anyone over because of our much of a mess the house is. This just sucks!

Thank you for listening to my rant.

Been away

 photo busy_zpsda19143f.jpg

Sorry we’ve been away. Life has gotten busy and rocky. I’m not going to bore you with the details but right now we are trying to get our feet on solid ground while trying to conduct businesses of our own and keeping life balanced.

  1. Fitness To Cosplay
  2. Starling Grey
  3. Moon Hunting
  4. Fain Graphic Design

We are juggling so much right now, it’s insane. We are trying to take it one step at a time right now. Thank you for your patience!

The Move is Over

The move is over! We have  finally moved into our new place after not knowing whether we would be homeless or not. I’m so happy that we were able to keep Onyx with us. I really didn’t want to lose him. Last night we moved into our new place and we didn’t get to sleep until 4:30am. I didn’t want to get up this morning. But oh well. Now that we have a roof over our heads, we will focus on getting things in order in our personal lives then get back to f itness to cosplay. We are dedicating a room to Fitness To Cosplay. Which means I get to hang posters and we’ll have craft items everywhere OMG. Suta will start to sew and make items. Happy Dance! Once we are done with the room, I will post up a picture. You’ll see it in the background of the videos, I know, but I’ll get you a 360 view of the room later.

Thank you guys again for being patient. This was like a last minute decision because we were tired of barely making a living on the money we were receiving because of the rent on top of bills. Now that we moved into a more affordable home, we will be able to save money for other things, like the MizuCon that we are going to in October. So excited! It’s going to be my first Con! I still don’t know who I’m going to be. Maybe you guys can help me decided.

Fang from Final Fantasy 13

Yoruichi – Shunko


Moving Process


We are still moving. We gave the landlord the applications filled so now we wait and see if we are approved. I think we are because there’s really nothing against us in our background and we are approving our credit. Packing up is a pain but we finally got a storage today, taking away from our deposit but what can you do, and we’ll be moving boxes out tomorrow.

Knives messing with Onyx. So cute 😀

Onyx, we have a a couple of ideas for him thanks to our friends. We can have someone foster him for us and we can pay for the expenses. We can take him to a Great Dane Rescue where he’ll be in great hands and not in a shelter. Or, we can have him as a service dog. We will go through everything and which one ever works, that’s what we’ll go for. I’m very happy that I have loving friends and can help us out in this time of need.

Also, with the deposit, my boss gave me a advance to make sure that we have all the money we need! It’s that amazing?! So happy. Once we move, we will be saving enough money to pay off our bills and catch up on everything. Once we catch up, we’ll start to save for Cons and other events, We’ll be able to buy cosplay outfits and so much more! I wish we had more time than a week before doing all this but hey that’s life right?

What a day!

Ok so yesterday was insane.


First, the day before, we decided that we had to move because the rent was too high for us to continue paying. We are leaving at the end of the month and that gives us little time to look. We went to look at a place yesterday that said that they might take our large dog Onyx, which I JUST found out that that’s a no. We are going to have to have someone us take Onyx while we live somewhere us. *sighs*

Then at work, we had a order of 750 brochures to print. These were already paginated, pages placed side by side in the order that it should be to print, and ready to print. So as we are printing them, we realize that the pagination is WRONG. So wrong that all the even numbers was on the same side ugh! And they did it so it wasn’t our mistake but we’ll see. As they were printing, we weren’t paying attention and they over filled the tray they laid on and fell to the floor. So now we had to place the pages on the floor in separate piles and put them back together.


Yeah that was fun! *Rolls eyes* So now that I had to pick up and put together books I decided to make a workout out of it. Every time I went down to put up a piece of paper, I did a lunge. When I had to reach over to grab another sheet, I did a wide leg groin stretch. See the pictures below to see what I mean.

Forward Lunge
Stretches For Runners to Prevent Injury
Wide leg groin stretch

Once I got home at 9:30, I cleaned up  a bit to have the house ready for moving. I went to our craft room, where it looked like a boom went off of it. I wasn’t able to finish but I also didn’t leave it unharmed. I had two bandages, 1 on each of my feet, by the time I left. Ouch! Like I said. What a day!

Eatting Healthy is Easy at Work

Just a little Tuesday #inspiration to get you through the day: "Believe you can and you're halfway there." - TR

Ok so I started a new job as as graphic designer at another print shop, because my boss before sold his business. The new jobs is closer to my house and starts later, 9am 😀 Everything seems to go swimmingly at work so far. Just trying to get use to the new procedures. One thing I need to get use to is that I’M THE ONLY ONE THAT DRINKS COFFEE. lol That was a shock. What really funny is that they have a coffee maker there. So I bought instant coffee from Nescafe. It’s good. I have to warm up the water in the microwave though. *shrugs* give and take. So yeah eating habit is still the norm. I get healthy snacks during the week to keep at work like fruit and veggies and sparkling water. That’s not all I get but some.

Now for a great announcement, I finally joined a gym. It’s called Body Mechanics and it’s great. They have fitness classes and a room with boxing bags. Awesome! I have to figure out how to get there after work since I take the bus home. This week Star will be taking the car to go to work at 5. I get off at 5 so we can’t share the car. But the great thing about this job is that it’s only down 1 street. Once I get to my street, my house is walk a way. Getting exercise so I don’t mind. But yeah, twice I forgot my gym close so I can take the bus to the gym. *sighs* The gym closes at 11 but I don’t want to grab my clothes, walk to the gym then walk back home. Too much!

So tomorrow when I wake up in the morning, the clothes I want to wear, I’ll stuff in my purse. It’ll look weird, walking into work with clothes in my purse but you gotta do what you gotta do. I downloaded this app to help me choose which parts of the body to work out. Because I admit, the couples of times I went, I looked like a lost lamb trying to find what to work out next. Embarrassing.

St. Patrick’s Day 2014: Facts, Myths, and Traditions

St. Patrick’s Day 2014: Facts, Myths, and Traditions.

The real facts about St. Patrick! If they knew the real facts behind him, they won’t celebrate them like they have. #stpatrickday #celtic #cmon #greenbrigade #fans #bhoys #in #world #the #best #irish #embassyrow #ireland #stpatrick #redlionpub #sunday #guinnes #instamia #miashihtzu #instadog #shamrock #shihtzu #luckoftheirish #canada #cute #josephine #green #saintpatrick #montreal #faro