Road To Rogue: Youfit Challenge

Hello everyone! Star and I are taking part in the Countdown To Change. It's a Youfit challenge they have every year. You can win cash prizes. Star is doing it to win but I'm doing it to help motivate. If I'm part of a challenge, I know that I will stick to it and accomplish my … Continue reading Road To Rogue: Youfit Challenge


Road To Rogue: Cardio Beast… For The Moment

Hello everyone! I hope the year is treating you great so far and you are all smashing your goals! As if me, you guys know I love to weight train. Well, I'm putting down the weights for now and concentrating on cardio. We all know that cardio burns more calories than strength training. My plan is … Continue reading Road To Rogue: Cardio Beast… For The Moment

Road To Rogue: Top 3 Reasons to Like Wireless Headphones

Hello everyone! I hope your weekend was amazing. I took the time to relax is they are my rest days lol. Today I wanted to talk about the difference between regular headphones and wireless ones. I wanted to make this post to explain the reason why the wireless headphones are a great workout tool and, in my experience, is a necessity. I use to look at other people with wireless headphones and thought, look at them being fancy with their expensive headphones. The fact … Continue reading Road To Rogue: Top 3 Reasons to Like Wireless Headphones

Road To Rogue Coming Back!

Hello everyone and welcome back to our blog! Star and I have massive plans this year, and one of them is making a big comeback at Supercon. She asked who I wanted to cosplay and Rogue was such a fail last year. I will try my best this year to do her justice as well as making our other cosplays amazing! This is how I will go by doing this. Each day I will post on the blog about what food I eat because Star hasn't … Continue reading Road To Rogue Coming Back!