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Puffy Heart

Today I finished my puffy heart project for crochet. The finished product is on my videos page. I’m satisfied with it. I wish that it ended up like the one in the Crochet Geeks video. I don’t know what I didn’t wrong but it looks like a heart so I’m happy.

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Fun Saturday!

Yesterday, I had a lot of fun. First, I went to get my hair done at this beauty school called, ASM Beauty School down the street from my house. When I got there, I got a french manicure, which turned out really nice. After that, I had my hair relaxed and both the teacher and the student was in my […]

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Blah day and Crochet

Today was a boring day at work. The Creative Director was there to guide me. Poor man was out sick again so I had the pleasure of having my boss’ to try to give me work, fun.  When I got there I did have work but around 2, two of them left which left me with one that I barely […]

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Yesterday wssn’t a tough day. Just small projects. I did talk to another graphic designer that admitted that I was a better than he was and he works for stumble upon! That really both my moral.

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Not so busy day.

Today at work was really stress less. All I did was add pictures to a social media account and make some changes on some other projects. My boss said that we should be caught pretty soon and that’s great. The last two months has been hectic. Very stressful. Things should slow down now and hopefully I’ll be able to leave […]

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Company Meeting Gone Wrong.

Today, we had a company meeting today. Company meeting, yeah right! I have 4 boss’ and only one of them spoke. Seriously before he even said a word, I knew that it was going to go down badly. He totally went the wrong way about it. First, he’s first sentence was, “Some people will be leaving us”. Really? You’re going […]

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Ok so for the past almost 3 months; there have been two holes in my floor because the foundation in my home is weak. Mind you, my landlord new that and did nothing about it. I think he thought that it would hold up over time or something. Anyway, since the foundation is weak, two hold appeared. There’s one in […]

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Early Blog

I’ve decided to post my blog a little early today because I know that I won’t be able to tonight. Work is going by smoothly right now, even though my boss is going through a impatient phase right now. We have new people working with us. The more the merrier I always say. Today I was able to come to […]

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3-Day Weekends

Who came up with 2 days of rest and 5 days of work? Why couldn’t there be three days of rest? I would’ve been happy with 4 days of work with the amount of hours I’m stacking up at work. Sometimes I feel as if I wanna call out of monday and not come but my job counts on me […]

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21-Day Belly Melt – Week One

It’s been a week since I started the 21-Day Belly Melt. The food is delicious and the exercises are easy. It starts off with giving you the first week of meals and after that, you choose from their list of meals. They have Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, and Dinner. This is the only diet I’ve seen that would allow so much […]

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Walgreens has been having this killer sale on make-up for the past season. Too bad that I noticed it when all the make-up was almost gone, so I had to get ones on regular price too. It was also around the time that I found out about Michelle Phan which is like fate, I think. I always found make-up interesting. […]

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I have tried many different diets over the last year. From Flat Belly Diet to Reboot, my weight has been going up and down. I can’t really stay on the diet because of financial reasons. Why does vegetable and fruit cost more than anything? Hence, the downward spiral of Reboot. Leaving Whole Foods with a cart full of groceries will […]