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Why have a voice?

Today I was so frustrated with one of my co-workers that I was about to yell. Everything I say goes over her head and she doesn’t give a damn. Like my 4 years of experience means nothing and whatever she wants, she gets. Not with me. I’m not about to have a flyer or a brochure or anything be printed […]

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Right, I’m sitting at my desk on break and I thought, why not blog? What should I blog about? Why not my job. 6 months after graduated from college and found the job of my dreams, that is if it wasn’t stressful. My main boss is a perfectionist and all my other bosses can’t make up their damn minds about […]

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Ok so before anyone say anything, yes I know that Neopets are for kids but I love animals and taking care of virtual animals is awesome. I love the games, quests, and I little goal I have for myself. To reach 1 Mil in Neopoints. Right now I have over 250 k. I’m getting there. If I can, I will […]