Walgreens has been having this killer sale on make-up for the past season. Too bad that I noticed it when all the make-up was almost gone, so I had to get ones on regular price too. It was also around the time that I found out about Michelle Phan which is like fate, I think. I always found make-up interesting. I just never had to chance to buy any because of financial reasons.


I have tried many different diets over the last year. From Flat Belly Diet to Reboot, my weight has been going up and down. I can’t really stay on the diet because of financial reasons. Why does vegetable and fruit cost more than anything? Hence, the downward spiral of Reboot. Leaving Whole Foods with a cart full of groceries will have your wallet crying. I recently found this diet from 21-Day Belly Melt. It’s inexpensive and the exercises are very easy to do at home. Except for the ones that make you go outside and right now the weather is below 50. Not happening.

Why have a voice?

Today I was so frustrated with one of my co-workers that I was about to yell. Everything I say goes over her head and she doesn’t give a damn. Like my 4 years of experience means nothing and whatever she wants, she gets. Not with me. I’m not about to have a flyer or a brochure or anything be printed over a thousand times with a ugly design. My designs represent me and my personality. I’m the one that will proudly say that I did that. I’m not backing a design that’s hideous. I’m the designer, not her and she needs to know her place. 

My boss is not making this any better by saying, everyone is different. I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but don’t straight up ignore me and do your own thing. I wish I can show the AD that SHE did but I can’t but trust me it’s gross.


Right, I’m sitting at my desk on break and I thought, why not blog? What should I blog about? Why not my job. 6 months after graduated from college and found the job of my dreams, that is if it wasn’t stressful. My main boss is a perfectionist and all my other bosses can’t make up their damn minds about decisions. I know I’m not the only one to feel that way. I keep getting raises every 3 months depending on my performs so that’s a good thing. I started at 300/wk now I’ve boosted up to 400/wk. Doesn’t sound good, I know but when you are coming from a retail background, THAT’S GREAT! Break is about to be over so I might as well end it here.


Ok so before anyone say anything, yes I know that Neopets are for kids but I love animals and taking care of virtual animals is awesome. I love the games, quests, and I little goal I have for myself. To reach 1 Mil in Neopoints. Right now I have over 250 k. I’m getting there. If I can, I will add a picture and link to my profile. Let’s be friends!

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