Early Blog

I’ve decided to post my blog a little early today because I know that I won’t be able to tonight. Work is going by smoothly right now, even though my boss is going through a impatient phase right now. We have new people working with us. The more the merrier I always say. Today I was able to come to work at least a little bit earlier today. So I was least than 30 mins late instead of over. The reason for that is I walk to work instead of riding my bike like I use to because Sharri is working with me now and I’m not going to leave her. They better not talk about how late I am since they have cars and they won’t leave their wives walking. They better put up with it. Unless they offer us a ride, they shouldn’t say anything. I’ve been trying to see if I can awake at 6 so that I can catch the bus to work but so far it hasn’t been working out. I’ve been getting up at 7 instead of 6 and miss the bus that would make me early for work. Today I was able to catch the 9:10 bus and that’s why I wasn’t so late.


3-Day Weekends

Who came up with 2 days of rest and 5 days of work? Why couldn’t there be three days of rest? I would’ve been happy with 4 days of work with the amount of hours I’m stacking up at work. Sometimes I feel as if I wanna call out of monday and not come but my job counts on me heavily so I can’t. Darn. My dog has been licking his tail raw and I when I researched why, I found out that it could be from the food I’ve been feeding him. He might have allergies. So I stopped giving him that type, which was Pedigree, and now I’m just giving him the Cesars. I had to mussel him for two days because I didn’t have bandages for his tail to stop him for licking it. Of course I felt bad about it but it’s to keep his tail safe. Today, I was able to go to Walgreens and buy him a bandage roll for humans, because for some reason, they don’t sell ONE brand for dogs and baby Wal-dryll because that’s what I could afford at the time. Now he’s sitting on his bed with a wrapped up tail. He still tries to get at it but he can’t. I’m happy about that, even if he isn’t. It’s for his own good after all.

21-Day Belly Melt – Week One

It’s been a week since I started the 21-Day Belly Melt. The food is delicious and the exercises are easy. It starts off with giving you the first week of meals and after that, you choose from their list of meals. They have Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, and Dinner. This is the only diet I’ve seen that would allow so much chocolate, even if they are semisweet.

I feel as if I’ve lost weight. Last time I checked my weight, I have 139.2. The past three days, I haven’t been able to check my weight because simply I forgot. I’ll have to check tomorrow morning to see what my weight is. My girlfriend, Sharri, is worried that she won’t lose weight but I don’t see how with the way that we eat.

We don’t eat less, just right. It has great portions and very little meat. We only ate roast beef last week and the rest of the time has been fish. I don’t mind it. I use to be a meat freak. If the meal didn’t have chicken or beef, I wasn’t a meal. Now it’s like I don’t care if the meal didn’t have any meat at all.

Also to help with my diet, I’ve been drink herbal tea that will help me go to the bathroom every 3 days. My body is irregular. So irregular that I would go a week without going. It was very uncomfortable. It helps because I get rid of weight that I’m holding. That’s how I see it. I only drink half because my stomach would hurt otherwise.

Well that’s it for now. I will be giving another update by the end of this week to track my progress.

Garages on the weekend!

For the past 3 weeks, I’ve been going to garage sales to see what I can get for sale and I really cheap prices. I’m doing this so I can sell for myself on Ebay and try to get top dollar. I’ve watched TV shows, like America Pickers, Storage Wars, and Pawn Stars. It seems to be a unique source of income and you never know what you might find. I’ve come across a lot of great vintage items, such as tin cans and books.

Not only am I getting such great items but contacts as well. Like I said before, I’m a freelance graphic designer and I’ve gotten three people’s phone numbers because they have work for me. Two for business cards and one for a website. I try to make a effort to have extra spending money and time for the weekend, sometimes I do freelance work and that takes up my time. I think I should add “Have great time management” to my lifetime goals.


Walgreens has been having this killer sale on make-up for the past season. Too bad that I noticed it when all the make-up was almost gone, so I had to get ones on regular price too. It was also around the time that I found out about Michelle Phan which is like fate, I think. I always found make-up interesting. I just never had to chance to buy any because of financial reasons.


I have tried many different diets over the last year. From Flat Belly Diet to Reboot, my weight has been going up and down. I can’t really stay on the diet because of financial reasons. Why does vegetable and fruit cost more than anything? Hence, the downward spiral of Reboot. Leaving Whole Foods with a cart full of groceries will have your wallet crying. I recently found this diet from 21-Day Belly Melt. It’s inexpensive and the exercises are very easy to do at home. Except for the ones that make you go outside and right now the weather is below 50. Not happening.

Why have a voice?

Today I was so frustrated with one of my co-workers that I was about to yell. Everything I say goes over her head and she doesn’t give a damn. Like my 4 years of experience means nothing and whatever she wants, she gets. Not with me. I’m not about to have a flyer or a brochure or anything be printed over a thousand times with a ugly design. My designs represent me and my personality. I’m the one that will proudly say that I did that. I’m not backing a design that’s hideous. I’m the designer, not her and she needs to know her place. 

My boss is not making this any better by saying, everyone is different. I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but don’t straight up ignore me and do your own thing. I wish I can show the AD that SHE did but I can’t but trust me it’s gross.