24 Hour Fitness

I’ve decided that I’m done with Youfit and I want to go back to 24 hour fitness. I know it’s more expensive but it’s a better gym for me. Not only is it open for 24 Hours LOL but it has other benefits, like Pool, Jacuzzi, Classes, etc. Can’t wait. Next weekend I’m signing up. I’m so happy!

As for my weight, I’m bouncing up and down like a yo-yo at the weight that I don’t want to be 149-147. *sighs* I’m hoping that exercising at the gym will help. I’m one of those people who weight themselves everyday because I want to know my progress. It would kill me if I didn’t know. LOL.

I’m also watching what I eat and I’ll admit that sometimes I don’t make good choices. Yesterday I had panera bread that was 390 calories. Good right? But then I turned around and had Coldstones. Now I will admit I had their smallest sizes but my GF gave me some of hers as well and she had the biggest size “Gotta Have It”. LOL At least I’m not over 150 like I thought I would be over this weekend. YAY!

Now I’m trying to start off the week right again with what I eat. Here’s to my journey of 130 lbs. Wish me luck!

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Belly Dancing

What got me into belly dancing was going to 24 hour fitness. For the money they charge monthly, they have some classes I can go to. But anyway, I went to the belly dancing class there and I fell in love. I left the gym and now I need to find places that I can do the belly dancing. I went to meetup and found a place that seems nice. The place is called GODDESS DANCE, YOGA & CULTURE They offer a free classes for 30 mins. That’s enough for me. I want to own a belly dancing outfit so I went online and looked around. I feel in love with the outfit below. I don’t care if it covers you almost completely, it’s a favorite in my book.