Site for sore arms.. tips for safely using free weights.


Post written by: Dusten

It’s Thursday, my arms have been painfully sore since Sunday night, and I think it’s safe to say that at one point within the hour in the half I spent at the gym I may have messed up somewhere. From what I remember I was only just going to do cardio, but after a while on the elliptical I went to go get water and that’s when my ADD set in. Right across from the water fountain were three racks of dumbbells of various sizes. So I figure I’d grab a 45 pounder and go cold muscle (some would call it resigning in the weight lifting world.) Well everything went well until I got home from the gym and then the usual soreness sets in, which in itself isn’t the problem, but the following day if went from a little sore to intense pain with limited movement.. and nearly five days later it’s still pretty bad. But just a reminder I thought I’d share a few tips for lifting so you can evade the same pain.

  1. Picking the right weight:
    This was probably the most important tip for a number of reasons. Before I took on the infamous 45 pounder I haven’t been lifting for a while, like a really long time. The rationale for trying it out in the first place was merely I’m a big guy, a 45 won’t hurt. Obviously I was wrong, I was trying to build strength, but since I haven’t lifted in a while it’s important to start with lighter weights. You should use weights you can do 10 reps with easily is what you should be working with before you start to move to a heavier weight.
  2. Have a spotter:
    having a spotter is very important and for the first time in my life I’m living with the consequences of not having one. A spotter makes sure that the weights are balanced and is the first the second line of defense against injury. (The first is using proper lifting techniques)
  3. Warming up/stretching:
    To be fair I did do a fifteen minute run on the elliptical before I went to lift. But no stretching of any kind happened before I started exercising. Doing warm up exercises with really light dumbbells really helps warm muscles and loosens the joints.
  4. Executing sets: I just picked up the weights and tried to burn out (Btw is really idiotic). when doing any weight training it’s important to know how you are going to execute lifting them. Whether you’re starting with the heaviest weight for your first set and then lowering the resistance with each set (reverse pyramid). Or if you’re using the same weight throughout all sets (straight sets). Burning out isn’t the answer.

I wish I would’ve had these tips in mind when I was there doing major damage to myself. Well I have plenty of time to do cardio until my arms heal.

Exercising at a the Park


We wanted a change of pace yesterday and we went to the park instead of the gym. We enjoyed the scenery and had some fun! Today we should be able to go to the gym and do this week’s challenge again.

Challenge Rest Day but Cardio Day at the gym


So Suta wanted to do cardio yesterday and I agreed. You don’t have to do the challenge every day. Some times life gets in the way and you need to change it up a little. Also, Monday still kicked our butts with all the exercise we did with the cycling so we wanted to take it easy.

She has been saying that she wanted to get back into running for weeks. So I told her to go to the treadmill and start running. She agreed and I decided to walk because her, going speed #3. I took a video of her running 😀 Anyway, as she was going, she said that she was feeling the tingling sensation that you sometimes.

Legs Tingling and Itching During and After Running

The link above is from Livestrong and they explain what could be the problem. I was getting them as well from walking on the treadmill. So after awhile, Suta said she had to stop because of it and we did. We went to the elliptical next and had to stop after 20 minutes because we still felt them. We had a good workout but had to stop because the tingling was getting to much. It was annoying. Suta said that after a while of doing it, a couple of days a week, the tingling should go away. She’s going to try running again tomorrow.

Year Challenge – Week 5 – Day 2 Complete!

Hello everyone! New Week, New Challenge! Still got jumping jacks but I gotta find something to help me make it easier. My cousin said that Victoria Secret would fit me in a sport bar that would hold me better when I jump. I’ll go check it out. I’ll also research online because jumping exercises are good cardio. Gets the heart moving.

No food diary today because I forgot to finish it yesterday. Oops.

Anybody want to join my cousin and I on this challenge, let me know. It’s free.

Year Challenge - Week 5

Week 4 – Day 4 Challenge Complete and Throwback Transformation Thursday!

Good afternoon everyone. Hope your day is going well. I’m happy to say that doing the chair dips this time was really smooth, see video below. I did some extra push ups to help with the strength training in my arms.

Happy Throwback Thursday everyone! Here’s my transformation from 140lb on May 9, 2014 and 127 on January 22, 2015. I’m finally under 130lb OMG!

Throwback Transformation Thursday






Food Diary

Foods Calories Carbs Fat Protein Cholest Sodium Sugars Fiber
Bananas – Raw, 1 large (8″ to 8-7/8″ long) 121 31g 0g 1g 0mg 1mg 17g 4g
Sugar – White Granulated – Domino, 0.5 tbsp(s) 23 6g 0g 0g 0mg 0mg 6g 0g
Generic – Coffee, Large, Black, 20 oz 10 2g 0g 1g 0mg 15mg 0g 0g
Cream – Half and half, 1 tbsp 20 1g 2g 0g 6mg 6mg 0g 0g
Chobani – Greek Yogurt Mango, 5.3 oz 140 18g 3g 11g 10mg 55mg 16g 0g
Campbell’s – Creamy Tomato Soup on the Go, 11.1 oz Container 220 30g 10g 3g 5mg 660mg 21g 3g
Green Giant – Health Weight Mix, 2 cup 180 28g 5g 10g 10mg 460mg 6g 10g
Green Giant – Baby Brussel Sprouts & Butter Sauce, 1/2 cup prepared 60 9g 1g 3g 5mg 340mg 3g 3g
Diet Chef – Coq Au Vin, 303.75 g 250 3g 8g 43g 0mg 1,013mg 0g 1g
TOTAL: 1,024 128g 29g 72g 36mg 2,550mg 69g 21g
Exercises Calories Minutes Sets Reps Weight
Elliptical Trainer 255 30
Jumping jacks, vigorous 16 2
Strength Training
Mason Twist 3 25 10
Front Squats, Barbell, Arms Crossed 3 25 10
Chair Dips 3 10
TOTALS: 271 32 9 60 20

Week 4 – Day 3 Challenge Complete!

Good morning everyone! Well we finally went to the gym! Yay! I walked in a felt like I was home. I don’t know how Star felt lol. We first went on the elliptical and then we went and did the challenge. Which I will admit, was A LOT easier to do then doing it at home. We will try to go to the gym everyday except for Wednesday because we have a meet up to go to. So that will be our REST DAY. Unless we do something at home. Except for the challenge. No matter I late I get home, I have to finished the challenge!


  • 50 Jumping Jacks
  • 50 Chair Dips
  • 25 Squats
  • 25 Mason Twists


Food Diary

Foods Calories Carbs Fat Protein Cholest Sodium Sugars Fiber
Generic – Coffee, Large, Black, 20 oz 10 2g 0g 1g 0mg 15mg 0g 0g
Sugar – White Granulated – Domino, 0.5 tbsp(s) 23 6g 0g 0g 0mg 0mg 6g 0g
Bananas – Raw, 1 large (8″ to 8-7/8″ long) 121 31g 0g 1g 0mg 1mg 17g 4g
Chobani – Flip Nutty for Nana, 150 g 200 20g 8g 13g 10mg 105mg 16g 2g
Green Giant – Baby Vegetable Medley, 1 cup prepared 80 16g 2g 2g 0mg 520mg 8g 4g
Cliff Bar – Coconut Chocolate Chip Energy Bar, 2.4 oz/ 68g 250 43g 6g 10g 0mg 180mg 22g 5g
Diet Chef – Coq Au Vin, 270 g 222 2g 7g 38g 0mg 900mg 0g 1g
Homemade – Cauliflower Mash, 1 cup 142 9g 10g 5g 4mg 825mg 6g 3g
TOTAL: 1,048 129g 33g 70g 14mg 2,546mg 75g 19g
Exercises Calories Minutes Sets Reps Weight
Elliptical Trainer 216 30
Jumping jacks, vigorous 16 2
Strength Training
Chair Dips 1 10 10
Mason Twist 1 25
Front Squats, Barbell, Arms Crossed 1 25
TOTALS: 232 32 3 60 10

It’s Friday! Thinking about Juicing.

Hi guys. Happy Friday! Time went by so quickly. OK so we were thinking that we could start juicing during the weekend and up to Thanksgiving. I think it’s a good idea because, with all the food we will eat on Thanksgiving, it will give our stomachs sometime to prepare. It’ll be easier to do it at our job in the farmer’s market, yes we work 7 days a week, because we have vendors that sells juice. We will then eat the rest of the dinner we had on yesterday, curried rice and veggies with chicken sausage so it won’t go to waste.

After doing cardio days, I found that working out yesterday was kinda hard. We did strength training for 30 then cardio for 30 mins and the cardio was a challenge. Maybe my  body felt out of sync with the strength training? Star said it was the end of the week so our bodies our winding down. Maybe? I’m already ready to hit it hard next week. We are working out for an hour today again instead of hour and a half like we normally do.

Another thing that sucks is that my moon cycle started and that already messes with my weight. Being a girl sucks! Now I know why my weight was stuck for two weeks while I’m exercising and eating right. Well at least I didn’t gain like I normally do. Hopefully that means that once this is all over, the pounds will melt right off. Let’s hope.

Have a great day guys!

Cya At The Gym-01

Back To It

Hello everyone. So I’m back. Things are settled… for now. So now Star and I can focus on trying to get Fitness to Cosplay, as well as other business ventures we are trying out at the moment, off the ground. We reached 700 followers on our instagram, so we thought that it was a good time to create a online store to sell items. Many will be handmade. Such as crocheted and knitted hair accessories.

We thought long and hard about what we were going to sell. We want to sell workout clothes and graphic shirts created by us. But I wanted more variety, so I thought that maybe we could get other people involved to make money for themselves, such as cosplayers and artists.  Everything will be made by me, journal covers, calendars, bookmarks stuff like that. We will split the profit in half.

I think this will be great because cosplaying is expensive and this will help them make money.  (‐^▽^‐)

I’m back at the gym. We found this great gym that’s a block away from our jobs that’s called Zoo Health Gym. They have classes, a sauna and other goodies. I will be posting my workouts like I use it. They have a challenge that’s going to start on the 17th. Star and I want to join. I’ll post up the details on the challenge later.

I use Bodyspace, that’s a part of It helps me keep track of my workouts and also help me find what workouts to do. You guys should check it out. Star wants to go on a 3 days fast once a month and I think that’s a good idea. I’m using Myfitnesspal again to help keep track. Now it’s the help keep track of me eating enough because I’ve been eating lighter foods so sometimes I don’t make it to 1200. I make it to, 800-1000.

Well that’s all for now. Cya at the gym!

Yesterday’s Weigh In

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I was so nervous before I stepped on the scale. I thought it was going to say 1 lb or something but no it said 2 so I’m happy. I haven’t been going down on weight like a use to though, 3 or so lbs a week. I’m not discouraged though. As the photo says, when you feel like quitting just keep pushing and that’s what I will do.

Yesterday, I didn’t go skating like I usually do because I had to throw some things out for bulk trash. So I added it as a cleaning workout. Anybody who tells you that you are not working out when you’re cleaning is a liar and doesn’t clean at all. When I removed a BIG table from the kitchen to outside on the curb, that worked up a sweat lol. That’s that only thing that when out though. I swept up the space after that.

I’m thinking about leaving the bars that’s I’ve been having a snacks alone for a while because I realize that they could be hurting more than helping with some of the ingredients inside of them. I will leave them a long for a while and see what happens. Eveything else I’ve been eating as been fresh foods and veggies, with a little bit of sweet snacks here and there. Example, girl scout cookies. It is that time of the year and I can’t resist but I can restrain myself for going overboard. 4 cookies are 160 calories and that’s my average snack in my lunchbox.