Road To Rogue: -5 Pounds Down And Started Planning

Hello everyone!

This past month, I have lost 5 pounds! If I keep this up, I will be ready for Florida Supercon in 4 months! I have been using what I’ve learned in the last post about different body types and lowering my fat intake. The problem that I’ve seem to be having is getting enough protein. I might have to take some protein pills or drink some protein shakes just the get the extra amount in.

Another way I’m trying to help myself lose weight is planning my life. On YouTube, It would seem that planning has a huge community and I stumbled upon it. Now I’m addicted and always watching Plan With Me videos. When I use to plan, I didn’t know what to do with the stickers and the washi tapes. I dropped it so easily. But know I have an idea and the videos I watch will keep me going if I’m stuck. I’m thinking about buying stickers off of Etsy. Maybe I can find some Anime or Manga ones. That would be so cool!

The planner I will be using is The Big Happy Planner from Michael’s. I’m going to use the planner for a couple of weeks and then I will make my own Plan With Me videos. Anyone interested in that? The videos I’ve seen have been stay-at-home mothers. I’m a person that goes to the gym and have their own business. I will even add meal plans. That sounds fun to me.

Hopefully, this will be a big part of my life and my weight loss journey. You can’t go off the path if it’s already planned. Thank you guys for reading this post. Let me know if you plan in the comments. Have a great day and remember to say healthy!


Update and New Page

Hello everyone. It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been very busy and I’m trying to find the time to get back to blogging. I haven’t posted anything about health and beauty because 1) time of the month; my body is going up and down with weight and 2) money; I’ve been having to turn to some unhealthy food choices because I haven’t been able to buy groceries for the house. Once I get back on track I’ll be able to tell you what my real weight is.

I’ve added a new page to my blog; FGD. It stands for Fain Graphic Design. I’m a graphic designer with my own little business on the side. I was going to make it a separate blog but why? I can still share what projects I’m working on and share my knowledge with other graphic designers and anyone else who would like to learn. Posts on that page will be coming soon.

Well that’s that for right now. Thank you for all the people who have followed my blog and all the comments I have received. They truly inspire me to continue blogging.