Road To Rogue: Battling With Constipation, Increasing Calorie Intake, and Shortcut to Shred Program

Hello everyone!

It’s the middle of the week. Time is going by fast. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been looking at a lot of videos on Youtube from Fitspo Youtubers. One of the videos was about constipation.

When you are using MyFitnessPal, they will default you to 1200. I started to realize that once I did this, I started to become constipated. I increased my calorie intake up to 1350 because I went to a calorie counter on a website. I still don’t think I eat enough. So now I will increase my calories to 1500 and see if that’s enough for my body to not have an issue.

Years ago, I used to use to help me find a good program to use. Now they want you to pay $8.99 for the programs when they were once free. It’s really annoying because I love using the apps they have. Two of my favorite programs was Lean Body and Shortcut to Shred. I searched online for a similar program and came across a free ebook for Shortcut to Shred from the Bodybuilding website. They had the 6-week workout plan and I’m SO happy I found it. I can pull up the pdf on my phone and follow the workouts. They also have a meal plan but I would rather find my own meals.

Thank you guys so much for reading this post. I will let you know in the coming weeks if increasing my calories helped stopped my constipation. Remember to stay healthy and have a great day.

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Year Challenge – Week 5 – Day 2 Complete!

Hello everyone! New Week, New Challenge! Still got jumping jacks but I gotta find something to help me make it easier. My cousin said that Victoria Secret would fit me in a sport bar that would hold me better when I jump. I’ll go check it out. I’ll also research online because jumping exercises are good cardio. Gets the heart moving.

No food diary today because I forgot to finish it yesterday. Oops.

Anybody want to join my cousin and I on this challenge, let me know. It’s free.

Year Challenge - Week 5

Week Challenge #2 – Day 2

Yesterday I was able to do a video of my workouts. When I looked back at the videos, I saw how much I suck! lol I pray at the end of all of this, I can get through a workout without looking silly and dying at the end. lol

I need to find other sit-ups to do because the regular ones hurt. I saw my cousin do one where he’s legs are up in the air and he moves upward. I think I’ll try that today. The floor hurts though! I also did the rope jumping without shoes. I kept hitting my toes! Ouch! I’ll wear my sneakers tonight. Always a learning curve. I joined Youfit! So on the days that I can, I’ll go to the gym and do the challenges there.

My calves are so tight. Kinda hard to walk but that’s a sign of progress so I’m not complaining, much. lol

Food and Fitness Diary

Foods Calories Carbs Fat Protein Cholest Sodium Sugars Fiber
Coffee – Brewed from grounds, 1 cup (8 fl oz) 2 0g 0g 0g 0mg 5mg 0g 0g
International Delight – Coffee Creamer – Amaretto, 1 TBSP (15 mL) 35 6g 2g 0g 0mg 0mg 5g 0g
Homemade – Jamaican Seasoned Rice With Salt Fish, 2 cups cooked 350 43g 5g 34g 69mg 408mg 1g 1g
Drink – Lipton Green Tea, 1 tea bag 0 0g 0g 0g 0mg 0mg 0g 0g
Kroger – Mixed Seedless Grapes, 16 oz 304 78g 2g 3g 0mg 16mg 74g 5g
Publix – Fried Chicken Thigh, 1 piece 260 5g 19g 13g 65mg 570mg 0g 0g
Publix – Chicken Leg W/ Bone 3 Ounces, 3 ounces 180 0g 110g 19g 85mg 690mg 0g 0g
TOTAL: 1,131 132g 138g 69g 219mg 1,689mg 80g 6g
Exercises Calories Minutes Sets Reps Weight
Rope jumping, moderate, general 287 30
Sit-ups, vigorous 227 30
TOTALS: 514 60 0 0 0

Day 2 of 10 min rope jumping and 50 sit ups x3

Cya At The Gym-01

Happy New Year!

Last year was a trip with all the moving and people in and out of our lives. I’m happy that last year is over. Now we can move forward. I’m starting this year at a number that I haven’t seen in years. 127.6. I haven’t been that weight since high school. My pants are now baggy and my stomach shrunk in a bit. I was worried that my legs will be twigs before my start to lost weight in my stomach. My body loses weight on my bottom half first before my top half. It’s a pain.

Suta and I are starting this year with a challenge that my cousin came up with. Each week, we are going to come up with a challenge that we are going to do. This week, since it’s only a couple of days, will be drinking tea for lunch or dinner. Tonight Suta will be making dinner so we are having tea for lunch. This is going to be fun. We are planning on doing this challenge all year.

We are planning on changing gyms. From Zoo Health club to Youfit. There’s one opening soon down the street and the monthly payment is cheaper. Suta started a second job so it will be kinda difficult for her to go. BUT I will have her go with me when there’s a chance that she has a day off her second job.

That’s it for now. Off to the races!

Cya At The Gym-01

It’s Friday! Thinking about Juicing.

Hi guys. Happy Friday! Time went by so quickly. OK so we were thinking that we could start juicing during the weekend and up to Thanksgiving. I think it’s a good idea because, with all the food we will eat on Thanksgiving, it will give our stomachs sometime to prepare. It’ll be easier to do it at our job in the farmer’s market, yes we work 7 days a week, because we have vendors that sells juice. We will then eat the rest of the dinner we had on yesterday, curried rice and veggies with chicken sausage so it won’t go to waste.

After doing cardio days, I found that working out yesterday was kinda hard. We did strength training for 30 then cardio for 30 mins and the cardio was a challenge. Maybe my  body felt out of sync with the strength training? Star said it was the end of the week so our bodies our winding down. Maybe? I’m already ready to hit it hard next week. We are working out for an hour today again instead of hour and a half like we normally do.

Another thing that sucks is that my moon cycle started and that already messes with my weight. Being a girl sucks! Now I know why my weight was stuck for two weeks while I’m exercising and eating right. Well at least I didn’t gain like I normally do. Hopefully that means that once this is all over, the pounds will melt right off. Let’s hope.

Have a great day guys!

Cya At The Gym-01

Back To It

Hello everyone. So I’m back. Things are settled… for now. So now Star and I can focus on trying to get Fitness to Cosplay, as well as other business ventures we are trying out at the moment, off the ground. We reached 700 followers on our instagram, so we thought that it was a good time to create a online store to sell items. Many will be handmade. Such as crocheted and knitted hair accessories.

We thought long and hard about what we were going to sell. We want to sell workout clothes and graphic shirts created by us. But I wanted more variety, so I thought that maybe we could get other people involved to make money for themselves, such as cosplayers and artists.  Everything will be made by me, journal covers, calendars, bookmarks stuff like that. We will split the profit in half.

I think this will be great because cosplaying is expensive and this will help them make money.  (‐^▽^‐)

I’m back at the gym. We found this great gym that’s a block away from our jobs that’s called Zoo Health Gym. They have classes, a sauna and other goodies. I will be posting my workouts like I use it. They have a challenge that’s going to start on the 17th. Star and I want to join. I’ll post up the details on the challenge later.

I use Bodyspace, that’s a part of It helps me keep track of my workouts and also help me find what workouts to do. You guys should check it out. Star wants to go on a 3 days fast once a month and I think that’s a good idea. I’m using Myfitnesspal again to help keep track. Now it’s the help keep track of me eating enough because I’ve been eating lighter foods so sometimes I don’t make it to 1200. I make it to, 800-1000.

Well that’s all for now. Cya at the gym!

No Problems

Today went pretty smoothly. There was no stress at work and I was almost able to get all the projects done. Except for the 3 prayer cards that came at the end. Ugh. Well anyway, fit wise like always, it great. I ate my snacks throughout the day.

I forgot to take picture of my lunch box today because I was in a rush to clock in but here’s the setup;

  • NutriGrain Harvest Blueberry Bar
  • Special K Strawberry Bar
  • Welsh’s Fruit Snack
  • Fage Blueberry Acai Greek Yogurt
  • Baby Carrots

For dinner, I had;

  • 4 oz of Skirt Steak
  • 1 cup of vegetable fried rice

Skirt Steak Dinner

No fitness today but I will be going to the park tomorrow. I will follow the fitness trail and post pictures of some of the exercises I will do.

Feeling Good

It’s getting hard trying to find the right title for my blog post since I’m not following any plans or programs lol. These are the numbers I received yesterday. I didn’t workout because of how low those numbers are. Some people would say that I’m doing myself an injustice for not eating so much some days. I say, if I feel good and it feels like my body is getting enough and not complaining then I must be doing something right. I’ve been taking vitamins everyday at night. I take multi-vitamins, fish oil and iron. The multi-vitamins are gummy because I hate taking horse pills, yuck.

Here’s my lunch box setup;

Lunch box setup

  • Fage Cherry Pomegranate Greek Yogurt
  • Welch’s Fruit Snack
  • Baby Carrots
  • Good To Go Bars
  • Luna Bar

I’ll try to keep it at five items for the lunch box to keep it consistent. I’ll need to go to the store soon to buy more snacks because it’s starting to look like a package lunch and I don’t want it to.

For dinner I had;

  • Snow Crab Legs (no butter)
  • Broccoli Slaw

I wanted to take a picture of it but didn’t because we ate it as soon as it hit the plate because we were so hungry lol but I looked up a picture online and that’s about what we had. Sharri didn’t like the broccoli slaw all that much but I loved it.

A Smooth Day

Today wasn’t a bad day. I put my lunch box together with;

  • South Beach To Go Bar
  • Baby Carrots
  • Chobani Apple Cinnamon Greek Yogurt (yum)
  • Nutri-Grain Strawberry Greek Yogurt Bar
  • Welch’s Fruit Snack
  • A Muffalette Slider

I was able to eat throughout the day and not be hungry by the end of my work day.  After I got off, I went to a park I wanted to check out for a while. It’s called Pompano Community Park. It has a fitness trail a little over a mile and I will visit there two days out of the week.

For dinner I went to Panera Bread because I wanted to something calorie concious after working out. I shared the meal with Sharri. my gf and then went home to rest.

I’m still stepping on the scale but I will step on it backwards so I won’t see the numbers until Monday because every Monday I will log in my weight. I will step on it to make myself not feel anxious about not doing it.