Road To Rogue: Youfit Challenge

Hello everyone! Star and I are taking part in the Countdown To Change. It’s a Youfit challenge they have every year. You can win cash prizes. Star is doing it to win but I’m doing it to help motivate. If I’m part of a challenge, I know that I will stick to it and accomplish my goals. We weren’t able to do it last year. 3 times a week they have classes that you can take. I don’t know if you get a personal trainer. That would be cool though.

It ends April 1st. So that means you have 2 months and 1 week to lose as much weight as possible. They go by percent and not pounds. Thank goodness! We went to weight ourselves at the gym and the first scale was so off. It said I was 123 and I WISH that was true! LOL. That around the goal weight I want to be by Supercon.

I weighed myself this morning and I was 147.2. Yeah, WAY OFF. So he went to go get the dial scale. It said I was 143. Still off but oh well. Not 20 pounds off! So now it’s a race to the finish. Star and I said that we will take a picture of our own scale at home with the phone to show the date. This way, we can mark our own progress.

Thank you for reading this post! Wish us luck! Have a great day and remember to stay healthy!

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Day 2 of Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution


Hello guys. How is everyone? We started the Jillian Michael’s 90 day body revolution and it’s day 2. I can’t say much right now since we just started but I’m happy that we are following a strict plan. It will help keep us on track. I can’t wait to see the results. There are a lot of good reviews on it.

Our dog, Onyx, is not liking the fact that we are taking up the space in the living room when we workout. He groans and moans and then lay somewhere else lol. We are modifying the meal plan to be paleo. I’m loving the smoothies so far, even though we only had two so far. I think the only equipment we need is the stretch bands. We use 5lb weights and we each have our own yoga mat.

I would record us doing the workouts but my phone doesn’t have any more space and the video quality on my ipod 3 is horrible. We will be getting new phones, Iphone 6, tomorrow, hopefully. It will be 64gs and friends are already telling me how good the pictures and videos are. I’m happy to hear that.

Run Otaku Run Year Challenge Postpone?

Anime girl busy

I’m thinking about postponing the RORYC because lately I only have time to do it once a week and that’s not much of a challenge. We’ve been having meetings and other gatherings during the week and we barely have time to go to the gym. Anyone who still wants to do the challenge can message us. We are still going to try to get to the gym in the mornings so if that works then we’ll continue on with the weekly challenges. I will find more challenges to do. There’s nothing like a good challenge right?

Run Otaku Run Year Challenge Week 16 and Birthday!

Happy Birthday

We haven’t been at the gym yet because we are preparing a birthday party for a friend. Suta is making the cake. For the past two days, we’ve been trying to go to the gym in the morning but we haven’t been going to bed on time. Suta went to bed at 12:30 because of the cake and well, I went to bed at 10 but Suta said that she will need to get a good 8 hour sleep in order to wake up early. I can understand that. Who wants to go to the gym with only 4 hours of sleep?

Ok so WEEK 16 of Run Otaku Run Year Challenge! This is a workout can be done at home so I’ll be posting this tonight when I’m done.

Rest Day, A Day for Work, Free Cup and Progress

Wednesdays are always our rest day because Suta has to work late and we only have enough time for dinner. So while she’s at work, I go to Starbucks to get some work done. I’m a freelance graphic designer and during the week, it’s hard to find time. Also, I’m working on the website for FTC. It’s coming a long great. I think it’s the best website so far. I’m pulling in a lot of resources to help me layout everything.

Yesterday I was able to have my protein shake because of a free cup I got from the gym! There was a store that had a table there called Nutrishop. They’re really close to my job and they said that they have better prices. We might be able to check it out tomorrow since we don’t have any plans and hopefully we can go to the gym.

I posted my April progress picture. I see little changes but there changes none the less. My stomach has gone in a little. Thanks to the challenge we are on! Seriously, I’m happy my cousin thought of this challenge. I don’t think I would be as focused as if I was doing it randomly.

Challenge Rest Day but Cardio Day at the gym


So Suta wanted to do cardio yesterday and I agreed. You don’t have to do the challenge every day. Some times life gets in the way and you need to change it up a little. Also, Monday still kicked our butts with all the exercise we did with the cycling so we wanted to take it easy.

She has been saying that she wanted to get back into running for weeks. So I told her to go to the treadmill and start running. She agreed and I decided to walk because her, going speed #3. I took a video of her running 😀 Anyway, as she was going, she said that she was feeling the tingling sensation that you sometimes.

Legs Tingling and Itching During and After Running

The link above is from Livestrong and they explain what could be the problem. I was getting them as well from walking on the treadmill. So after awhile, Suta said she had to stop because of it and we did. We went to the elliptical next and had to stop after 20 minutes because we still felt them. We had a good workout but had to stop because the tingling was getting to much. It was annoying. Suta said that after a while of doing it, a couple of days a week, the tingling should go away. She’s going to try running again tomorrow.

Run Otaku Run Year Challenge – Week 15 Day 2


Mondays seems to be the days we can DEFINITELY go to the gym and not have to worry about what we have to do afterwards. So yesterday, we walked into the gym and say that they were going to start cycling class. We asked them when and they said today and you’ll need to sign up at 6:30. We went to go do some strength training and then came back at 6:00 right to beat the possible rush and they said that it had to be 6:30 on the dot. Fine! So we went to go exercise some more and came back at 6:25. People were lining up but we were able to sign up. What they didn’t tell us was that the class was at 7:30. VERY important information.

So we went to do circuit since we had to wait 30 minutes. Ten minutes before class started, we decided to leave circuit so we can get a bike. As we walked, a girl stopped us and asked about our shirts. I had our logo printed on shirts and we wore them as our gym shirts. She asked if it was a group and that she’s very interested. We told her about it and she was very excited. She said that she wanted to be a part of it. That’s great!

After we talked to her, we went to our class with 4 minutes to spare. Our instructor was a man, gay (not that it matters) and totally hilarious. He had us laughing the entire workout. He made it so fun and let everyone know that they can do it at their own pace. Good to know.

Suta was a freaking star! She looked amazing. She said that she loved doing cycling class and it showed! I, on the other had, well, I don’t know I looked. A lady said I looked awesome but I don’t know. That’s my second cycling class ever. I enjoyed it. When he said that you was going to sweat, he was kidding! OMG I had sweat dripping off me and I’ve never had that done before for a workout. I’ll definitely start doing cycling classes every Monday.

Run Otaku Run Year Challenge WEEK 14

It’s WEEK 14 guys! The year is moving so quickly and there is 2 months before summer. Let’s get our butts in gear. This week was my cousin’s turn to come up with the challenge.

Green Day:

  • 50 Jumping Jacks
  • 50 Squats
  • 20 Crunches
  • 20 minutes Cardio

Blue Day

  • 8-10 Shoulder Press
  • 8-10 Chest Press
  • 8-10 Dumbell or Bar Rolls

Yellow Day

  • 10-15 Burpees
  • 10-20 Pushups
  • 8-10 Barbell Curls
  • 20 minute cardio

Grey Day

  • 8-10 Lat Pulldown
  • 8-10 Leg Extensions
  • 8-10 Leg Curls
  • 8-10 Lunges
  • 10 Minutes Elliptical

Run Otaku Run Year Challenge Week 13!

This week is core week for the challenge! This will help me balance with the week I had last week. Still haven’t gone to the gym yet but I hopefully we’ll go today. We had an unplanned meeting yesterday and it ran well into the night. I’m doing the intermittent fast again today to try to reset my body. I feel so bad about not doing my post for the challenge but sometimes life gets in the way, you’ll just have to work around and don’t give it up!