Moving Shirts To Teespring

Hello, everyone!

The Problem

For those of you that don’t know, we have an Etsy store,, that we sell our custom designed shirts, buttons, bags, coffee mugs, etc on. In December, our printer that we used since we started our store had sold the business and sold his machines to someone who’s not taking care of them properly. So we had to find someone else that could print our designs for us.We had a great start but recently they have been behind on our orders and we are at their mercy. Unfortunately, we’ve had bad reviews because of it and we can’t take it anymore.

The Solution

So we are moving our shirt designs to Teespring because they will take care of production and our customers will get their shirts on time. Fortunately, Teesprings uses the same shirts that we get for the orders so no quality lost there. The shirts will be higher priced because of the profit margin and we hope that everyone understands why. We will still sell shirts for a lower price at conventions and other events. The link to the Teespring store is here.

The Goal

One of our future goals is to purchase a shirt printing machine for ourselves but that will be way off because the machine we want is 20k. We are trying to raise enough money for the machine, the supplies, and the location.

More Shirt Designs coming soon

I’ve been thinking of more shirt designs to add to the store. Some will be inspirational, anime and Japanese inspired. We’re also thinking of other various types of clothing to print on. If there’s a specific type of shirt you like to wear, let me know. With the expansion of the sweatshirts last year, we saw sells almost immediately. It also helped that it was fall and winter lol. I would love to do every piece of clothing under the sun.