Not Attending Holiday Matsuri This Year

Hello everyone!

This year we will not be attending Holiday Matsuri aka Holmat this year. It was a hard decision but we decided to save that money towards equipment for the business. If we went, we would’ve spend almost 1k. Some of the money is going towards a savings account for the laser engraver and shirt machine. We decided on a certain amount of money during the month to put towards it.

The money we receive from our patrons will also be transferring to the same savings account. If you would like to put as little as $1 towards our efforts, go to A BIG thank to those that donated so far! Our goal is to purchase one of these machines by the middle of next year. At least, that’s what I hope lol.

For those attending, please have plenty of fun for us and take a lot of pictures for us to see. I will be staring at them and crying in a corner lol.


Working out during the holidays… not happening


These past two weeks, we haven’t been able to go to the gym. We normally go to the gym right after work because these past two weeks, other obligations has been coming up and we are going home at 8. Oh well, we are still watching what we are eating and making sure that we aren’t going over our calories. Can’t wait for the holidays to be over so we can get back into our routine. We were doing so good in the beginning. Going very day and having the weekends as rest day.

We go to a gym called the Zoo Health Club. It’s a good gym but expensive. We use to go Youfit but we canceled our membership because they didn’t have a gym where we moved too. Well now they are opening a gym down the street from our jobs. They are $20 a month for two people. Which is WAY better than paying $60. Next week, we are going to them to sign up on their Pre-sale, which is a special that they are running right now because the gym opens. 😀

That’s all for now!

Cya At The Gym-01