Office Workout

Alright for my office workers out there that’s not getting enough exercise because of their 9-5, I found on livestrong some very helpful information about exercising at work. Here’s one of them.


The abdominal muscles can be controlled and worked without anyone noticing. Sit up straight on the edge of your chair and inhale deeply through your nose. Tighten up your abs as you pull in the air. Hold for a count of 10 or so and release the air through your mouth. Do this 10 to 15 times often throughout the day. Not only will you be exercising your abs, you also can use the breathing technique to reduce stress and increase circulation to your brain. The same abdominal breathing technique can be done while standing. Do it while you’re waiting for copies or standing at your desk.

I don’t know about you but I will definitely give these a go. I already did the breathing exercise and it feels as if I really have my abs a workout.