Fitbit to Help Keep Track

Hello, everyone.

I hope your Thanksgiving was great. I know I enjoyed my 4 day weekend! I took advantage of the black Friday deals and I purchased a Fitbit. I’ve wanted one since it first came out. I’ve always wanted something to help me keep track of my daily activity and my workout together.

I got the teal color because the others were dull. I absolutely love it so far. I will be uploading daily tracking with the Fitbit to help keep track of my journey on the blog. What did everyone else buy? I will be posting my first Fitbit Track tomorrow. If this annoys anyone, please let me know. I love tracking whatever I do but I don’t want to be an annoyance and loose followers.

Anyway, it has my goal to 8k and I’ve gone above that once. But it’s something to work towards. The app has a food log and helps you track your exercise. I have the Fitbit charge 2 so I can tell it what I’m doing as a workout and have it track it. That’s really helpful.

2 Days until Omni Expo!

ScreenHunter_237 Feb. 29 15.11

Wow time has gone fast. It’s 3 days before Omni Expo and we are racing to get everything finished. This will be our second convention we will be attending and we are really excited! As we are getting things ready, we are trying to figure out what food to bring. This will come later in a video; How To: Plan Your Meals For A Con.

We handmade more products then at Holiday Matsuri so seeing people’s reactions to them will be exciting. We have more bentos to sell since we were almost out at Holiday Matsuri.

Unfortunately we won’t be in cosplay. We didn’t have enough time to make them and the products. But at least we know what we want to cosplay for Florida Anime Experience in April. We will be recording the con so there will be a Con Walkthrough: Omni Expo and we will be interviewing cosplayers that will be visiting our booth and when we walk around.


Ad Day + Rain Day

Yesterday, because of the rain, the gym was almost empty. But that doesn’t stop us. Actually that gives us an opportunity to do the workouts we want to do without constantly moving to the side for the next person. Yesterday was ridiculous. I moved 3 times in the area to make room for someone and they don’t even say excuse me. How rude, right? So we got fed up with it and left. Today we left early because the parking lot was flooding and we didn’t want our car to be trapped. But hey, we are still getting our time in even if it’s not the amount of time that we want.

The weather in Florida has been a pain. One minute it’s sunny and the next it’s raining, which won’t be bad but we’ve been having thunderstorms. I can’t wait for Hurricane season to be over.

Yesterday I decided to work on my abs a bit.

  • Two-Arm Kettlebell Swing
    • 8 kg x 10 reps
    • 8 kg x 10 reps (PR)
  • Weighted Russian Twist
    • 6 kg x 10 reps
    • 6 kg x 10 reps
    • 6 kg x 10 reps (PR)
  • Crunch
    • 20 reps
    • 20 reps (PR)
  • Flat Straight Leg Raise
    • 10 reps
    • 10 reps
  • Scissor Kicks
    • 20 reps (PR)
  • Plank
    • 00:01:00
  • Goblet Squat (kettlebell)
    • 6 kg x 10 reps
    • 6 kg x 10 reps (PR)
  • Mountain Climbers
    • 20 reps (PR)
  • Plank Jacks
    • 10 jumping jacks (PR)

Vendors at Holiday Matsuri

That’s right! We are going to be vendors at Holiday Matsuri. It will be our first convention as vendors and we are very excited. Star has been looking forward to this since the beginning of year lol. We will have a list of what we will sell later on once we get our inventory up to date. We are looking for cosplay that would be easy to make Christmas themed. We are thinking about entering into the Holiday Runway Contest. Would you like to make suggestions?

So far we want to be Panty and Stocking but I don’t know if we want to be them all three days. Hmm…

A Great Workout

We went to the gym yesterday and worked out 60 minutes on the elliptical and then some floor exercises. I used my app again and since we were at the gym, I decided to use kettlebells instead of dumbbells. I never used them before and I wanted to see if they are good to work with. So far I think that the kettlebells are better to use then dumbbells. There are some exercises that are for the kettlebell and not the barbell like the Swing.

Tonight I will do some more kettlebell workouts to see the difference between Kettlebell and Dumbbell. I searched for a workout to do and found this one.


This looks like fun and easy to do. We will record some of the workouts if not all. Below I’ve posted the workouts we did yesterday.

Gym in the Morning and Workouts Before Bed

I’m very proud of myself. Recently I have got up in the morning to go to the gym. This is a great opportunity to get to work on time as well. I love that we can see the sunrise through the gym windows. Not only that, but it’s so peaceful because not many people are at the gym. After that, we get through our day and go home. Before bed, we do some core workouts. I have an app called “Fitness Buddy”, I recommend it, and it helps us to figure out what exercises we want to do.

Core Exercises:

Getting Back on Track

Myuria Cosplay

Hello everyone. I hope your weekend was great. I needed the rest that’s for sure. This week, we are going to get back on track. We had a set back from some time now and we need to get back into routine. We are going to go to the park today to exercise and I would really like it if one of our meetings during the week, could be us going to workout. SO far, our only sure day we can work out is Mondays because nothing is planned then. I posted our weekly schedule earlier, but basically after work, we have no time to workout. We have to switch to working our in the mornings the rest of the week and I’m not a morning person. I like to sleep until I have no choice but to get up lol.

Even now, while I’m typing this, a banker from PNC bank, came in with coffee and DONUTS, really? I must stay strong and resist the urge of grabbing one. Taking pictures of these times of things, to me, is a good motivator to stay away from them. So if you follow our instagram or Facebook page, you will see this picture of this box of donuts that are staring me down right now. I always say this but we have to be strict if we want to cosplay of favorite characters and be confident in our cosplays. It’s a new week and a new start. We can do this!

Stay tuned for our videos of the workout we did later on today at the park.

Going to Supercon!


I’ve always wanted to go! Hopefully next year we will be there to vend. Right now that’s not possible, for one because it’s so freaking close! There’s no way we can prepare ourselves for it. But next year we will try. We are joining the Cosplay contest there and that’s why we have switched to the Jillian Michael’s 30 Shred and not the Body Revolution. We will do that later. Suta will be creating the outfits for us.

We are doing a group Cosplay as some members of Star Ocean: The Last Hope. I love that game by the way lol. Suta will be Meracle, the cat girl and I will be the elf girl, Myuria. Now do you see why we decided to shorten our workout time? Hopefully we will get closer to the transformations we want. Suta still needs to get the fabric but she’s very confident and that’s a great boost in motivation to get these bodies in shape.

I’m super excited about going because I never went to a con this big. I’m for a lot of meet ups with friends I met online. I’m taking pictures of EVERYTHING. My newbie side will show lol. We are also planning on staying at an hotel so we don’t have to take that long drive home after the first day. If the hotel has a gym, that would be a great bonus! I will be constantly posting updates on our progress on the Events Page! Stay tuned! It’s a new chapter in our lives!

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

30 day shredbodyspace

Good morning everyone. We were going to finish off the body revolution but we decided to do the 30 day shred. The reason we switched was, we are going to be cosplaying at Supercon this year and we are planning on entering in the contest! Suta is making the cosplays and I’ll try to become a drill sergeant since we don’t have that much time. The convention is in June! *Sweat* So today we did the first day and of course I wasn’t prepared for it. Suta went through it like a champ though lol.

Here are our cosplans!

Now do you see why we changed workouts lol. This will also be our first cosplays as well. I’m really excited. I will be posting updates about Suta’s progress on the outfits. Wish us luck!