Patreon Tier Suggestion!

Hey, everyone! We need your help! We want to create a Patreon page as an another way to grow our business and continue to be inspirations to the community. We are having a hard time thinking of what the tiers should be. No one knows what they want better than the Patreons themselves! We are open to suggestions for what we should offer at different tiers. Also, let us know how much those tiers should be. If you don’t want to comment on this post, you can DM us. Thank you in advance for your advice. Without you guys, we won’t have grown so much already. Thank you for your support!

Post for Patreon goals coming soon.

Pompano MLK Neon Night 5K Run/Walk


For those of you that live in South Florida, there is a Run/Walk that will be this Saturday in Pompano Beach. Below are the details of the event and the link to register.

Pompano MLK Neon Night 5K Run/Walk

DATE: Saturday, January 16, 2016
TIME: 5pm
LOCATION: Pompano Community Park: 820 NE 18th Ave., Pompano Beach, FL 33060

Register Here!

Challenge Update – Week 6 – Day 4

So far this week’s challenge has been, well challenging. The half burpees, I’ve never done before. I can do them if I take my time but I can’t do them at the speed that I’ve seen other people do them. I’m seeing progress and that’s good. Once I’m in the groove of the workout, it’s much easier to do them. Still don’t like the jumping exercising. The youfit that’s next to our jobs is now open yay! Now we don’t have to go to the one by our house. It’s easier when you can go to a gym that’s down the street. No excuses!

Youfit is now openYesterday, we was forced to do the challenge at home because we stayed REALLY late out with a friend. But that wasn’t going to stop me from doing it. So I laid the yoga mat out and what does our cat do? Gets in the way of course. He love the yoga mat and every time I pull it out, he makes sure he gets his spot. Unforntually we both can’t be on the yoga mat together so I had to push him off.

After I was able to get him off, we were able to do the challenge.

30 Day EASY Abs and Core Challenge – Day 6,7,8

Question: What is your workout music?

Pop songs

This day I did 35 seconds by mistake lol.

Day 7 of Abs and core challenge

Question: Which of these 4 exercises do you have a hard time with?

When you say hard time, do you mean at the end of it? Because if that’s it then I would say the Bicycle Crunches. My stomach kills me afterward

Day 8 Abs and core challenge

Question: Do you have cheat days?

I wonder would you say cheat days are you choosing to eat bad when there are healthier options in the house or if you have unhealthy options in the house and you have no choice but to eat them. Because if it’s the first and not the second, then I have no eat days because I have no choice. lol

30 Day EASY Abs and Core Challenge – Day 2

5 more on each exercise except for the plank. Once again not hard. The Bicycle Crunches, I had to stop at 10 and give my stomach a little rest then finish the 5. lol

My fitness goals are:

1) 120lb

2) Cosplaying

3) Two Piece Bathing Suit

4) Look amazing in pictures. I look great in pictures now, I just want the bulge to go away lol

5) Other things that I can’t think of right now lmao.