Sorry for the low activity

Hello, everyone! Maybe many of you have notice that I haven’t been posting as much as I use to. That’s because the workload at work and my freelance have increased. It’s a good thing but it takes up time for being social on Instagram and everything else. Once I catch up on my workload, I’ll have time to post a lot again. Thank you guys for being so patient. I really appreciate it.


2 Days until Omni Expo!

ScreenHunter_237 Feb. 29 15.11

Wow time has gone fast. It’s 3 days before Omni Expo and we are racing to get everything finished. This will be our second convention we will be attending and we are really excited! As we are getting things ready, we are trying to figure out what food to bring. This will come later in a video; How To: Plan Your Meals For A Con.

We handmade more products then at Holiday Matsuri so seeing people’s reactions to them will be exciting. We have more bentos to sell since we were almost out at Holiday Matsuri.

Unfortunately we won’t be in cosplay. We didn’t have enough time to make them and the products. But at least we know what we want to cosplay for Florida Anime Experience in April. We will be recording the con so there will be a Con Walkthrough: Omni Expo and we will be interviewing cosplayers that will be visiting our booth and when we walk around.


Ben and Jerry’s Vegan Ice Cream


Yay!! I can’t wait to try these! I hope they are coming out with more flavors! I don’t know if they have it in the grocery store close to my house but I hope they do. 

Don’t know when I will buy it though since it’s high in fat but you should treat yourself when you  can. I plan on trying the coffee caramel fudge! I will try it out and do a review on it. 🍨🍨🍨

First Time Eating Vegan Sushi


Today a friend bought Star and I veggie rolls and I thought we were going to get the ordinary veggie roll of cucumber, carrot, lettuce and what other things they put in the rolls. 

I opened the container to find mushrooms and cilantro in the sushi. That was a new experience. I thought that it was going to taste like water. Mushrooms normally have no flavor. But these mushrooms was seasoned and creamy. 

For one second, I thought they put cream cheese in it and was going to spit it out. Star checked and there was none. 😅 It was delicious and I loved it. Star will try to make it at home. 😋

Magic City Comic Con 2015 and Pompano Beach MLK Neon Color Run/Walk

On Friday, a guy called and said that he wanted to speak to my boss. He wasn’t here so I wanted him to leave a message. He said he had free VIP tickets to Magic City Comic Con and he wanted to know if my boss wanted to give them to some coworkers. I quickly gave him my boss’s cell and the guy just dropped them off!!!

We had so much fun at Magic City Comic Con. We went in the morning and walked the vendor’s hall but it was SO crowded that we left without looking at everything and went to some panels. The last panel we saw before we left was a cosplay tap dancing group called Noise Complaint! They were amazing and I’m definitely following them to see if I can catch more of their performances.

We left the con to go to the Pompano Beach MLK Neon Run/Walk to celebrate Martin Luther King. I walked and Star ran. The run started at 5 which are weird since it was still light out. It should’ve started at 6. We almost didn’t make it because we thought they were going to start it at 5:30 to make sure everyone got registered. When we got there, they were going to start in 5 minutes!

We went back to Magic City afterwards to catch some evening panels and we got home around 11, I think. Sunday we didn’t go because Star had to work and I knew she would be tired. I would normally take a lot of pictures but there weren’t many people who were in cosplay this time around. Most people were casual. I did take a couple of picture which I will upload in the gallery soon.

Over the Hill and Through To Christmas

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? I hope it was well. I was able to maintain my weight before, during and after. I’m so proud of myself.  Now to get through Christmas with all the sweets that’s going to be around, especially candy canes. This week, I’ve only gone to the gym 3 times. Yesterday, I concentrated on my hair and today I will do the same. I gotta tame this thing!
My Thanksgiving Breakfast
Thanksgiving Dinner Spread
My Thanksgiving Dinner Plate.

Fasting and Exercise

“The best of all medicines are rest and fasting.”   Benjamin Franklin

Ok so before I begin, I would like to say that Star’s focus on fasting was not to loose weight but to help clear up her skin. She believes that her skin reacts badly to some foods and she doesn’t know why. So sometimes she fast to help clear up everything and start over.  She doesn’t have  Anorexia and she loves food.

Now that that’s out of the way, I’m proud that she was able to make it through the 3 days she gave herself to fast. She had minimal, soups with no chunks, to help her when her body wanted something. She did low level exercising, like a slow pace on the elliptical and  treadmill. After the fast was over, she didn’t go out a buy a burger, she had apple slices and a yogurt.

Once again, even though losing weight wasn’t a main goal, she still lost a whooping 8 pounds! She fasted before in the past and never lost that much. It tells me that her body was holding on to some extra that it needed to let go. Now some people say that fasting is unhealthy where as other people said it’s go to fast to help your body catch up. I found some information that’s helpful from Yoga Sutra By Vandana

Many people across the world fast regularly – some for the health benefits while others due to their religious beliefs. Some fast to reduce weight, while others to please God or to fulfill their desires. In India, while fasting, people do not eat at all, eat once or eat only fruits or saatvik (simple) food, while others do not even drink water the whole day.

I am sure at some or the other point you may have wondered why. I always believed that there must be a damn good reason for people to stay without or very little food for a whole day than just making your wishes come true.

In Sanskrit, fasting is called ‘upavaasa’. Upa means ‘near’ + vaasa means ‘to stay’. Upvaasa therefore means staying near (God), meaning mentally coming close to God.

It was believed in the earlier days that people spend a lot of their time and energy in procuring, preparing, cooking, eating and digesting food. The effects of certain food on our body may make our minds dull or even agitated. By abstaining from eating or by eating light food, the otherwise pre-occupied mind is able to focus on spiritual thoughts and stay close to God. Hence, on certain days people decide to save time and energy and entertain noble thoughts.

The other perspective is that just like every other system, even our body needs a break and rest to ensure smooth functioning. Positive thoughts and fasting on certain days are very beneficial to the digestive system and the whole body.

The more you indulge the senses the more they make demands. Fasting helps us cultivate control over the senses, sublimate the desires and guide our minds to be relaxed and at peace. Since this is a self-imposed form of discipline it is usually adhered to with joy and does not make us weak or irritable.

The Bhagavad-Gita urges us to eat appropriately – neither too less nor too much – yukta-aabaara and to eat simple, pure and healthy food even when not fasting.

If I was to fast, I would have to do it when I’m not in a environment where my coworkers order food for lunch. My will is not as powerful as Star’s.

Finally! Gym time!

After almost a week of leaving my clothes at home, I remembered them this morning and placed them in my bag and walked out for work. It felt so good to be able to go to the gym and not home! I joined this app called Body Space from and it’s the best app I’ve used so far. Even though I just used it today, I know it will really help me with my workouts. I joined a plan on it that, I think, the workouts are great for me to transform myself in the body I always wanted.

Here’s a list of today’s workout.

Exercises Calories Minutes Sets Reps Weight
Walking, 3.0 mph, mod. pace, walking dog 110 33
Strength Training
Bench Press, Barbell 1 24
Dumbbell Press, Seated, Palms-In 1 24 10
Dumbbell Press, Seated, Palms-In 1 24 5
Incline Bench Press 1 24
Triceps Push Down 2 24 30
Lateral Raise, Dumbbell, Side 2 24 5
Front Raises, Straight Arm 2 24 5
Leg Pull-In, Seated Flat Bench 1 24
Elbow Plank 1 1
TOTALS: 110 33 12 193 55


So before I started to workout I decided to go to Target to get a lock and a bag to place my gym clothes in. I was placing it in my purse and since my purse feels as if it’s about to give up on me, I didn’t want to hurry the process. Locks now days are expensive. I remember when you can buy one for really cheap. Oh well, I bought the cheapest one I could buy and I bought a bag in the $1 section that seemed like it could be used as a cute gym bag, picture coming soon, too tired right now. Anyway, I get to the gym and I’m ready to lock my clothes up and the lock won’t work! I tried to follow the instructions and it didn’t want to unlock, ugh! It’s by Master and I trust there locks but I get what I paid for I guess. Star will come help me with it. I’ll try to use it again when I get to the gym on Monday.

Oh! I found that there is two exercises that I couldn’t do and that was In & Outs and Spread Leg Sit Ups. No way. The reason why I can’t do these exercises, at the moment, not giving up, just waiting til I become stronger, I’m chest heavy! When I do the In & Outs, my boobs swing and it’s uncomfortable. The Spread Leg Sit Ups, well, I can’t do sit ups right now because of the weight on my chest. Then you have to do each sit up with one hand. I have problems with two!

I’m telling you life is great right now. I got a new job I love, I’m eating right, going to the gym, having fun with Star, have obtained some great friends and starting to really practice in my religion. I’m living the life! lol I’m not worried about being homeless, I’m always broke so oh well lol and not having food to eat. Life is going on the right track and it can only get better from here. 😀