Mondays Are The Worst Gym Days

Greeting Guys! I walked into the gym ready to get my first day of an exercise plan I had in motion. I had walked past the free weights and saw the area filled with me. I was still optimistic that I would be able to do all my exercises without any problems. Man was I wrong!  I walked out of the changing room looking at my phone … Continue reading Mondays Are The Worst Gym Days


Setback But Not Giving Up

Hello everyone, 2018 has made some life-changing situations in our lives since the 2nd of the year. The universe has continued to cleanse us of everything that isn't useful or for our good. We welcome it but it's really a struggle right now. But we aren't giving up. We won't be going to Florida Supercon … Continue reading Setback But Not Giving Up

The Road to Rogue: Learning About Different Body Types

Hello everyone! This week I found something very interesting. Apparently, we all have different body types that fit into 3 groups. They are Ectomorph, Endomorph, And Mesomorph. Here are the meanings of each body type: From Ectomorph Mesomorph Endomorph Skinny, linear/ ruler appearance Naturally lean Smooth, round body Lightly muscled Naturally muscular Gains muscle easily, … Continue reading The Road to Rogue: Learning About Different Body Types

Road To Rogue: Top 3 Reasons to Like Wireless Headphones

Hello everyone! I hope your weekend was amazing. I took the time to relax is they are my rest days lol. Today I wanted to talk about the difference between regular headphones and wireless ones. I wanted to make this post to explain the reason why the wireless headphones are a great workout tool and, in my experience, is a necessity. I use to look at other people with wireless headphones and thought, look at them being fancy with their expensive headphones. The fact … Continue reading Road To Rogue: Top 3 Reasons to Like Wireless Headphones