Today we’ve hit 100 subs! We were able to finally get our custom URL! It’s not www.youtube.com/c/fitnesstocosplay. Our next goal is the hit 10k views. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us and support us through the channel!

My plan for the future is to get a capture card for the PS4 so I can add more let’s plays to the channel. Let me know if you are enjoying the channel so far. I’m open to suggestions to make the channel better!


Challenge Update – Week 6 – Day 4

So far this week’s challenge has been, well challenging. The half burpees, I’ve never done before. I can do them if I take my time but I can’t do them at the speed that I’ve seen other people do them. I’m seeing progress and that’s good. Once I’m in the groove of the workout, it’s much easier to do them. Still don’t like the jumping exercising. The youfit that’s next to our jobs is now open yay! Now we don’t have to go to the one by our house. It’s easier when you can go to a gym that’s down the street. No excuses!

Youfit is now openYesterday, we was forced to do the challenge at home because we stayed REALLY late out with a friend. But that wasn’t going to stop me from doing it. So I laid the yoga mat out and what does our cat do? Gets in the way of course. He love the yoga mat and every time I pull it out, he makes sure he gets his spot. Unforntually we both can’t be on the yoga mat together so I had to push him off.

After I was able to get him off, we were able to do the challenge.