One Foot Infront of the Other

It’s been a while since I last posted. I’ve been trying to get my life together one step at a time between my life in general, health, my freelance business and a art gallery that I’m trying to open. But I think it’s finally lining up like I want it to.

First off I need to concentrate on my health. I want to loose my last 20 lbs and it’s getting harder and harder because I’m starting to get comfortable where I am and that’s not what I want. I’m still eating right, it’s the exercising that I need to get back into. To motivate me to keep going, I’ve been taking instagram pics of my food and my calorie count on sparkpeople. I lost my gym membership, not that I would want to go now since so many people are there for the new years.

My business right now is going good. I just need to organize it a little more and use reminders because I’ve been forgetting lately and that’s not good for business. I’m also trying to save up and fundraiser to get a new computer. My laptop went out on me and now I’m using my gf Macbook Air which is good but not good enough for what I need. I need space. The storage space is horrible. I had to buy a external hard drive to help.

Another thing I’m doing is that I’m trying to open a Art Gallery/Studio/Graphic Design business called Mysteries. We already bought the name and now we are trying to file as a non-profit as well as try to get the business plan done. We are doing this ourselves with no help business we wanted to do this alone. If you want to follow our progress, here’s the link to the blog,

This year is the year of accomplishment and by the end I want to be comfortable in what I’m doing and no stressing. Please continue to support me as you guys have been doing lately, I really appreciate it.

I need help with the name of a client’s bar :D

I have a client that needs help naming their bar. They will serve mostly wine and cheese but they will have other appetizers are well. For example, wings and such. Can you help come up with some suggestions? They thought of Cheesy Bar but obviously that’s not going to work lol. Thanks for your help!

Update and New Page

Hello everyone. It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been very busy and I’m trying to find the time to get back to blogging. I haven’t posted anything about health and beauty because 1) time of the month; my body is going up and down with weight and 2) money; I’ve been having to turn to some unhealthy food choices because I haven’t been able to buy groceries for the house. Once I get back on track I’ll be able to tell you what my real weight is.

I’ve added a new page to my blog; FGD. It stands for Fain Graphic Design. I’m a graphic designer with my own little business on the side. I was going to make it a separate blog but why? I can still share what projects I’m working on and share my knowledge with other graphic designers and anyone else who would like to learn. Posts on that page will be coming soon.

Well that’s that for right now. Thank you for all the people who have followed my blog and all the comments I have received. They truly inspire me to continue blogging.