Update and New Page

Hello everyone. It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been very busy and I’m trying to find the time to get back to blogging. I haven’t posted anything about health and beauty because 1) time of the month; my body is going up and down with weight and 2) money; I’ve been having to turn to some unhealthy food choices because I haven’t been able to buy groceries for the house. Once I get back on track I’ll be able to tell you what my real weight is.

I’ve added a new page to my blog; FGD. It stands for Fain Graphic Design. I’m a graphic designer with my own little business on the side. I was going to make it a separate blog but why? I can still share what projects I’m working on and share my knowledge with other graphic designers and anyone else who would like to learn. Posts on that page will be coming soon.

Well that’s that for right now. Thank you for all the people who have followed my blog and all the comments I have received. They truly inspire me to continue blogging.


Green Tea Pills and Health Benefits

In the beginning of the year when I was trying some more diets, I was taking some green tea pills. I bought the bottle because it said that it helps you lose weight and I was at the stage of trying everything. I had to take them 20 mins before every meal. Well for some reason or another I stopped taking them. Well I went to BJs and saw that they had them on sell, two for one. I thought to myself, why aren’t I not taking these again. So I bought them and I started taking them this week. All I knew about them was that they help in weight lost and nothing helps. So I thought, if I’m going to take something for my health, why aren’t I looking up the benefits of it lol. So I went to my new favorite site; Organic Facts and looked it up. Here’s what I found:

Green tea contains bioactive substances called polyphenols. Catechins are a group of polyphenols abundantly found in green tea. Studies have shown that catechins can prevent weight gain in humans, particularly the accumulation of visceral fat.

Researchers found out in one epidemiological study involving 1103 Taiwanese adults that habitual tea drinkers, who sipped green tea at least once a week for more than a decade, lost 20% body fat and 2% abdominal fat compared to those who just drank tea occasionally. A similar 14-year study, concerning 4,280 Netherland tea drinkers, observed an inverse relationship between the amount of catechins consumed and body mass index (BMI).

A growing body of research has investigated the effects of green tea substances on weight loss. In documented experiments, test subjects who drank catechin-rich green tea over a 12-week period reaped weight-loss and BMI-related benefits such as lower body weight and fat mass, trimmer waist and hipline, and less LDL cholesterol.

Data also suggest that green tea catechins can help prevent lifestyle diseases such as obesity. It is very important to note that the participants in these experiments did not modify their caloric intake or physical activities save that of adding green tea to their diet.

There is a lot more information than I can place here so why not finish reading the article yourself. Here’s the link; Can Green Tea Help With Weight Loss?


Office Workout

Alright for my office workers out there that’s not getting enough exercise because of their 9-5, I found on livestrong some very helpful information about exercising at work. Here’s one of them.


The abdominal muscles can be controlled and worked without anyone noticing. Sit up straight on the edge of your chair and inhale deeply through your nose. Tighten up your abs as you pull in the air. Hold for a count of 10 or so and release the air through your mouth. Do this 10 to 15 times often throughout the day. Not only will you be exercising your abs, you also can use the breathing technique to reduce stress and increase circulation to your brain. The same abdominal breathing technique can be done while standing. Do it while you’re waiting for copies or standing at your desk.

I don’t know about you but I will definitely give these a go. I already did the breathing exercise and it feels as if I really have my abs a workout.


Sorry everyone.  I haven’t posted in a while because so much has been going on in my life for the past week. Exciting things though like more freelance jobs and opportunity to work with other people. Health wise, this weekend I did binge a bit, bad me, but I didn’t go way over board so I’m happy bought that. I went to salt life twice.

The first time I got their fried shrimp with fries, I learned too late that I could’ve changed the side and I gotten something healthier like grilled vegetable, but you live and learn. The next time I went I gotten Sushi, Spicy Tuna Roll. It was good. Sunday, I did go a little over board, because for lunch I had 2 hot dogs, lunch bought from a friend so I’m not going to say no to free food. LOL. That night we ordered pizza, buffalo wings, my weakness, and bread sticks from Papa Johns.

They had a deal for a free pizza for 18 points and I had 19. LOL. Two slices of pizza and 4 buffalo wings later and I regretted but only a little. I’ve been good all week and deserve a little reward. I went from 149 to 151 but I’m still happy because usually went I eat like that I gain 5 not 2. Now I’m back to my regular food schedule and exercise, which I did none this weekend and I’m sad about. Those 2 lbs. should be gone in no time.

T.C. – Day 20

Day Twenty– Favorite diet?

Now let’s see. I’ve tried the reboot diet, nothing but juice, special k diet, Flat Belly Diet and many others. I think my favorite diet is the one that gives me information about about my body type and life style and how I should eat because of it. So my favorite diet one that I create for myself. I would take bits of info from a diet, lets say Farmer/Hunter diet by Dr. Oz, I use it to watch what I eat and how I should exercise. I’m a Hunter from the info that I got and it says that people like that don’t like eating breakfast in the morning, which is true for me, I can totally skip breakfast any day of the week and not feel bad about it, and should eat mostly protein and less carbs. I love meat. LOL Anyway, I also count my calories and exercise on a website called Livestrong. I absolutely love that website. It emails you info about dieting and exercise as well. You place in how you lifestyle is, like I’m mostly in a office so it tells me what calories I should eat in that environment and not exercise, for those days that I don’t.

Question Pic

Belly Dancing

What got me into belly dancing was going to 24 hour fitness. For the money they charge monthly, they have some classes I can go to. But anyway, I went to the belly dancing class there and I fell in love. I left the gym and now I need to find places that I can do the belly dancing. I went to meetup and found a place that seems nice. The place is called GODDESS DANCE, YOGA & CULTURE They offer a free classes for 30 mins. That’s enough for me. I want to own a belly dancing outfit so I went online and looked around. I feel in love with the outfit below. I don’t care if it covers you almost completely, it’s a favorite in my book.

Thinspo – Day 13

Day Thirteen– Are you losing weight in a healthy or unhealthy way?

In a healthy way. I’m using livestrong to track my calories and exercise. Although I wish that when I miss a day of excerise, my weight won’t try to shoot through the roof. *sighs* It’s so frustrating. I’m going to try a different diet plan. It’s by drinking coffee. I saw it one day on the cover of Women’s World. I’ll have to can the cover later because I don’t see it on the internet. You drink 3-5 days of coffee a day with healthy meals and you’re suppose to lose up to 9 lbs in one week. I’m going to try it and see. I love coffee and if it can help me lose weight then great!