Challenge Rest Day but Cardio Day at the gym


So Suta wanted to do cardio yesterday and I agreed. You don’t have to do the challenge every day. Some times life gets in the way and you need to change it up a little. Also, Monday still kicked our butts with all the exercise we did with the cycling so we wanted to take it easy.

She has been saying that she wanted to get back into running for weeks. So I told her to go to the treadmill and start running. She agreed and I decided to walk because her, going speed #3. I took a video of her running 😀 Anyway, as she was going, she said that she was feeling the tingling sensation that you sometimes.

Legs Tingling and Itching During and After Running

The link above is from Livestrong and they explain what could be the problem. I was getting them as well from walking on the treadmill. So after awhile, Suta said she had to stop because of it and we did. We went to the elliptical next and had to stop after 20 minutes because we still felt them. We had a good workout but had to stop because the tingling was getting to much. It was annoying. Suta said that after a while of doing it, a couple of days a week, the tingling should go away. She’s going to try running again tomorrow.

My Thoughts on the “Religious Freedom” Bill in Indiana!

I just read from CNN about the “Religious Freedom” bill and I wanted to give my thoughts about it while it’s fresh in my mind and I have to time to talk about it, since I’m at work :D. If I loose followers of this, I’m not sorry. This is how I feel. Goodbye.

In my opinion, I think Pence is trying to pass this bill into law because America has finally accepted gay marriage and this is retaliation. What gives someone the right to turn someone else away because of who they are and then call it religious freedom? First of all, look at the name. Religious Freedom. It’s their religious freedom to be who they are. Are you saying that you have more of a freedom to reject them?

So someone wants to visit Indiana for vacation and have a romantic dinner with their lover, they have to worry about what companies will give them the boot? That’s not relaxing at all. The Governor of Indiana is right; everyone in and out of Indiana should be able to live happily without worry.

I’m happy that companies are opposing this bill. I’m normally not a negative person but if the bill passes, I hope every major business pulls from Indiana because of the bias against their customers.

“The Constitution of the United States and the Indiana Constitution both provide strong recognition of the freedom of religion but today, many people of faith feel their religious liberty is under attack by government action,” Pence said.

Of Faith? Really? Being gay messes with their religious liberty? Can I please tell you that being gay is NOT A RELIGION? So how does it attack your RELIGIOUS liberty? You just hate the fact that most of America embraces gay people.

Do you know that in the Pledge of Allegiance, at the end, where it says “with liberty and justice for all”? They are trying to get liberty and justice for everyone in America and it’s a shame that there are people out there that are opposing. Are you really American? If you want to discriminate so badly, then go to another country because we don’t want that here. There I’m done.

Woman Crush Wednesday

Hey guys. Ok so in spirit of woman crush wednesday, wcw, I would like to introduce you to Hotaru Cosplay. She was one of the cosplayers I first followed on my instagram account. She inspires me so much. She owns a horse! So lucky! Check her out here (facebook) or here (instagram)

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The Move is Over

The move is over! We have  finally moved into our new place after not knowing whether we would be homeless or not. I’m so happy that we were able to keep Onyx with us. I really didn’t want to lose him. Last night we moved into our new place and we didn’t get to sleep until 4:30am. I didn’t want to get up this morning. But oh well. Now that we have a roof over our heads, we will focus on getting things in order in our personal lives then get back to f itness to cosplay. We are dedicating a room to Fitness To Cosplay. Which means I get to hang posters and we’ll have craft items everywhere OMG. Suta will start to sew and make items. Happy Dance! Once we are done with the room, I will post up a picture. You’ll see it in the background of the videos, I know, but I’ll get you a 360 view of the room later.

Thank you guys again for being patient. This was like a last minute decision because we were tired of barely making a living on the money we were receiving because of the rent on top of bills. Now that we moved into a more affordable home, we will be able to save money for other things, like the MizuCon that we are going to in October. So excited! It’s going to be my first Con! I still don’t know who I’m going to be. Maybe you guys can help me decided.

Fang from Final Fantasy 13

Yoruichi – Shunko


What a week!

Work for money, design for love. Why are there so many books with title like that about design world? I've got one with the title "How to be disigner without losing your soul". Do you thing other profesions have these philosophic questions?

So I’ve been working my butt off for the past two weeks from customers that came up to me at the booth at the market and I’m happy for it. Now a wave a tiredness hit me and I realize how hard I worked this week and I’m not done yet. I want these customers to be happy about what they are getting and come back to me for more things. The money I’m receiving from these jobs are going towards moving and a new computer. I gotta keep at it and not slack. No time for it. But I would love to curl up and sleep right now though lol.

Running Armband

I changed my mind about the cell phone case after I saw this pattern.

Crocheting Again

crochet to be awesome #crochet #quotes @Corina Gray

I have started back crocheting when I have the chance. I’ve already finished one item of mine. It’s a cowl and even though I know that I live in Florida, I know that I will need to use this on one of those very few cold days that I will need to cover my face when I’m outside. I can also use it as a really nice headband.

My next project is a cell phone case from, Crochet Geek, Love her btw, for my iphone since I KEEP DROPPING IT. Anyway, I tried to do it last night but it was too tight so I’ll have to do it again and lengthen the first chain that I will do. Below is the youtube videos for those of you that would like to try to do the pattern yourselves. I’ve also copied the pattern directions for those who would like to read the pattern instead of watch the video.

G Crochet Hook
Yarn 4-Ply worsted weight

Multiple: 2 + 3 (she meant round 2 + 3 btw. You’ll have to alternate.)

Chain 15 (I will probably have to do 20 or more)

Round 1: SC in each ch across (14 SC), on the opposite side sc in
ea ch.join at the beginning. (14 SC). There will be a total of 28
single crochet when finished.

Round 2: Star Bottom: Chain 3, pull up a loop 3 times through the
next 3 chains and in ea of the next 2 SC for this first round. (HDC
for remaining rounds). There will be a total of 6 loops on the
hook. Pull through all 6 loops on the hook with a sl st. Make 15
bottom sections of the star stitch, join in the beginning ch 3.

Round 3: Star Top: Sl St over to the closing joining the previous
6. CH 2, HDC in same sp. 2 HDC in ea joining space around. (15
sets of 2 HDC)

Rows 2 & 3 complete a full star stitch. Complete both row until you
get your pouch the length you want it to be.

Part one

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Part two