Music and Fitness: A Hand in Hand Relationship.

Girl With Headphones

Post written by: Dusten

Left, right, left, right sounds like music to your ears right? Maybe not, but keeping rhythm is very important in fitness. Whether you’re lifting weights or taking a light jog around the block to even running a mile or two, keeping a steady rhythm can help you optimize your workout.

Many people instinctively listen to music during exercise, perhaps you’re that person that listens to hard rock while weightlifting to overcome fatigue, or maybe you’re the person on the treadmill just trying to pass time. Whatever the reason, here are some of the ways music affects your workout routine.

Distraction: Well maybe this one’s a little on the nose. Music is a great distraction, decreasing your bodily awareness. Runners usually run longer, faster and that “wall” that every runner fears get pushed back a little. For weightlifting, music distracts you from awareness of exertion and strain on your body, giving you an optimal workout.

Effort: A controlled study by VIVO in 2010 found that cyclists that listened to faster music performed better than cyclists who were listening to slower music, or no music altogether. Music between 120 and 140 bpm gave the best performance, while slower music was best for cool down and slower cycling.

Motivation: There’s something about listening to pop, dance, rap or rock that really makes you want to move, and the right music at the right time gives you a certain “high”. Whether you’re at the gym, at the club, or home in your underwear. Music lightens your mood and during exercise, even the laziest of people can benefit from a dose of music during a routine.

So remember, before you head out to the gym or for a run, slip on some headphones, put on your favorite song, and get the most out of your workout. The above are just some if the benefits to music and exercise, and there are tons more. With time, you’ll see those benefits manifest themselves with optimal results. And if you’re unable to access music during your routine, we can always think of the classic left, left, left, and right, left.

Mejibray Decadance English Lyrics

I found this band while I was looking up more jrock bands that I could like. This is the first song I heard from them and I can’t get enough lol. I love the song and the video. They all look great 😀 I will listen to more songs soon. I used google translate to get the lyrics to the song because I couldn’t find it anywhere else. So! I decided to do my jrock fangirl duty and post the lyrics to this song for my fellow english speakers.

Mejibray Jrock Band

” Suicidal ideation ” I -held
” Reason ” and tears of effluence
Control evil or good , of emotion disappearing

Little words I was told by
Upsets balance brain
Impulsive desire to get lost identity …
It is counted with closed eyes
“Love to Mr. What day ?”
Are thrown away …
Killed …
” It’s become one anyway “

Disorderly … Counting Goats
Sacrifice … if I can’t be yours

Black and white brain of switching
Butterflies fly around cutting blink
Between the reality and delusion
Small room of fortune and now that depends
Reality to fear to be thrown away
I ask tablet escapist bathing
To find , and kill me to you …
To be I’ll disappear if no longer visible

Even this body and spirit broken Yuku
I will be in the form of you someday
I dance and dance instinct that is deviation
if I can’t be yours
Counting Goats into darkness

Disorderly … Counting Goats
Sacrifice … if I can’t be yours

The question to reality to keep shut
A smile to peace and sweet voice
Mistakes of the past that was dissected
And to suffer anxiety and tears “What __ years after … ”
Decadence of the mirror over realistic
The noise Imagine of closure
Tell , when I die to you …
It tries to Nokoro stored in the front of
However I just want to be protected
And I only want staring
However I just uneasy
Mental balance is in tatters
The Dattari morning it was raining
The Dattari smoke dancing round and round
The Dattari mono broken throwing
It’s dear to you is cry …

Even this body and spirit broken Yuku
I will be in the form of you someday
I dance and dance instinct that is deviation
if I can’t be yours …
Empty by green color today
Not that it never melt together
If you dress mix someday
Counting Goats into darkness