Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

I can’t wait to see what this year brings. 2017 was a year for us to learn what direction we wanted to go for FTC. I mean we knew before but we have a REAL game plan this time. We know what steps we need to take to make FTC the inspiration we want it to be.

I want to take the time to thank all our followers, youtube subscribers, and patrons for your support. With you, FTC won’t be the success that it is now. You guys motivate us to keep going to spread the word of health and fitness in the otaku community.

We have big plans this year! You guys will have to stay tuned!

Thank you for reading this post. Remember to stay healthy and have a great day.

Holiday Season is over. Now to Prepare for the New Year


It’s that time of the year to start anew. Leave older worries behind and start over. I read a blog today that stated that they will list their goals that they want to accomplish next year. Not resolutions but goals. I think that that’s a great idea and I’ll do the same. Goals are there as long as you need them. Christmas was fun hanging around with some of the people I love. I will admit that I can’t eat health around the holidays but who can. So now that all is said and done, I will get back on track with eating right.

Sorry to post something so short after not posting anything for a long time but life’s been busy. I try to get to it and keep everyone posted as much as I can. Happy Holiday and a great New Year!