More Shirt Designs coming soon

I’ve been thinking of more shirt designs to add to the store. Some will be inspirational, anime and Japanese inspired. We’re also thinking of other various types of clothing to print on. If there’s a specific type of shirt you like to wear, let me know. With the expansion of the sweatshirts last year, we saw sells almost immediately. It also helped that it was fall and winter lol. I would love to do every piece of clothing under the sun.


Shirt Designs Inspired by Tokyo Ghoul!

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Selling on Etsy

We opened a store on Etsy! We created some shirts to sell first before we move on to other items like, Journals. This is a new chapter and I’m so happy we made it this far. I hope the store takes off like a rocket. The money will go towards us going and vending at conventions and other trips. We will also give to a local charity in the future.

T.C. – Day 21

Day Twenty-One– What are your clothing sizes?

My clothings size right now? I would say that they are 5 in jeans and a medium in shirts. Dresses I don’t know because of the different styles. Like I said before, the problem with my size is that some clothes I can’t wear because of how they fit on me. But all of that will hopefully change when I’m down to a 120.

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