Darin Blackwell Backstory and CC Links

Hello Everyone! This is Darin. He is from my Rags To Witches Twitch Stream. He’s backstory is that he’s mom had him as a one night stand in Sulani. When he was a toddler, his mom decided to go off and have a place on her own. She wanted to build herself up like her mother, Naomi (Rags To Riches) and be proud of what she had accomplished. She had to leave Darin behind with his grandparents to until she was ready to take him back.

His mother didn’t come back to get him until he was a 12 years old. When he moved in with her, he found out that someone was living there. His mom was engaged to be married to a woman named Lisa. He was a little salty about that because his grandparents always told him that he’s mom was working to build a life for the two of them.

When he became a teenage, he slowly started to see a different side to Lisa. She always pulled his mom’s attention away from him. She didn’t speak to him much even when he tried to speak to her. When his mom was out of the room, she would say nasty things to him and then smile in his face when Amelia came back. She was always going out gambling. He didn’t appreciate that because all his life his mom worked hard building the home that they are living in now and her newly opened new age store. He sees his mom struggle everyday to keep things going and here comes Lisa gambling it away like they had enough. He hated her.

He started to learn spells from his mom and the books that he found. He learned a couple of spells to cause harm to Lisa. So he paid her back anytime Amelia wasn’t around. On his 18th birthday, he’s mom threw him a surprise birthday party and invite everyone she could over to celebrate. Lisa stayed shut in the room during the party, which he didn’t care but it was still rude to his family. He stayed with his mom for a couple of months until he had enough of Lisa and decided to move out. His mom doesn’t know the sour relationship between the two and that’s the way he wanted to keep it until he was ready to rid of her. He moved to the city because he was always curious about the city life and wanted to explore.

That’s where we are for now. Below is the cc links to his core items and not his clothes because it would be fun to dress him up on your own style.

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My Very First The Sims 4 Let’s Play

This is my very first Let’s Play of the Sims 4. I know this is a little rough but with enough recordings I know I will become the great Simmer I want to be. I’m so nervous because I’ve only uploaded a live stream through twitch to Youtube so I never had to previously record and then edit the video.
My Youtube Channel isn’t monetized yet but I already know that once I get to do that my Sims let’s plays will get demonetized and I’m not worried. I wanted to share my fun or the Sims 4 anyways with the rest of the world.
Like the video, subscription to catch more of our videos in the future, and comment on any suggestion you have, ESPECIALLY if you are a simmer yourself. I would love pointers. Thank you for watching and remember to stay healthy and have a great day!