2 Days until Omni Expo!

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Wow time has gone fast. It’s 3 days before Omni Expo and we are racing to get everything finished. This will be our second convention we will be attending and we are really excited! As we are getting things ready, we are trying to figure out what food to bring. This will come later in a video; How To: Plan Your Meals For A Con.

We handmade more products then at Holiday Matsuri so seeing people’s reactions to them will be exciting. We have more bentos to sell since we were almost out at Holiday Matsuri.

Unfortunately we won’t be in cosplay. We didn’t have enough time to make them and the products. But at least we know what we want to cosplay for Florida Anime Experience in April. We will be recording the con so there will be a Con Walkthrough: Omni Expo and we will be interviewing cosplayers that will be visiting our booth and when we walk around.


Shirt Designs Inspired by Tokyo Ghoul!

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We’ve had a lot of request about our “You Can’t Buy Happiness” Shirts. Instead of having all the sayings on one shirt, we separated them so people can choose which one they love the most. For me, it would be manga! lol You can view them and everything else we have in our etsy store.

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New Shirt Designs to Wear While You Workout!

Development of the Next Level Design

We thought of Super Mario when we came up with the Next Level design. We also have some friends and followers that calls themselves, Next Level “Something” and 1UP “Something” so I thought of them also when we came up with the design of the shirt. Giving it that famous color, Nintendo Green gives it a added touch that just makes the entire design pop!

The Development of the I Sweat Kawaii Design

I believe that “I Sweat Kawaii” is one of the cutest designs we came up with so far! The sweat drops on anime characters are what gave us the idea and since there’s sweat, we thought there should be a puddle of sweat to show how much of a workout is happening.

Give us your thoughts on the designs! If you want to see more shirt designs, check out our etsy store.

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