Road To Rogue Day 3

Hello everyone!

So this morning I got on the scale to see that I gained 1.3 lbs overnight. Which isn’t a big deal but it’s also not normal for me even if I don’t exercise that day. So I backtracked to what I ate to have caused it. I forgot to add that I had a small Dairy Queen Reese’s extreme because it was new and I LOVE Reese’s!

So maybe I’m bloated from that? Could I have gained an intolerance to ice cream? 🤔 Who knows but that’s the only difference that I have had all week. So I’ll stay a wake from ice cream for a while. I know that I will probably loose the bloat by tomorrow.


Starbucks Grande Soy Misto




1/2 rack of ribs.


Either Elliptical or Circuit/Elliptical. We will see.

Thanks for reading!

Remember to Stay Healthy!

Bloating Suggestion Test

Hello Guys. Happy Thursday. So I started my “Moon Time” and remember when I posted about how to avoid the bloat? I’m going to try out those suggestions and see if it really helps. I’ve gained 3lbs because of it and I want to see if these suggestions will help me lower the bloat or get rid of it complete. I will post when it’s over to let you guys know. If you missed my post, I shared the link below.

To Avoid Bloating During Moon Time