Patreon now or nah?

Hello, everyone! Happy Saturday! We are coming up on the time where we want to spread our wings and do our own thing. That would mean leaving our 9 – 5 jobs behind. This will give us so much freedom expand Fitness To Cosplay and everything else we want to do to the fullest. But we still need to pay bills.

What are our plans?

We want to create items to sell where the money will go straight to us and not FTC. I will add more content to our Twitch, Youtube, and other social media sites for FTC. Another thing is that we want to open a Patreon so that our fans can donate if they want to. Now, since we are so close to breaking away, I’m wondering if I should open a Patreon page now or after.

I’m always wanting to open one but Star says we have to wait to get out more content. What do you guys think? Would you help us on Patreon now or would you guys like to wait til later for me to add more content? Not only that. We know what other creators offer their patrons but since we are so different from most people, I don’t know what we can offer.

I know there’s things like merchandise, shoutouts, secret twitch streams, and other stuff. What do you think we should offer that will keep you guys coming back month after month? Thank you for your input!

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Life Changing Decision

Hello, everyone.

I hope your weekend was eventful. I’ve been battling a cold so I’ve been taking my time and not doing so much. One thing I’ve done is thinking about my life and where I want it to go. I want to work for myself and Fitness To Cosplay. I want to create content for Youtube, Twitch and other media out there. For that, I need time. I’ve seen so many people talk about how they had to quit their job, do what they love and was successful doing it.

For some time now, I’ve been thinking why couldn’t I do it. I see so much potential and I truly believe that I will be able to do it. Now people who are close to me would normally tell me no, you aren’t sure that you can make the money. That it’s not a good idea. That’s why I haven’t told anyone. This is my decision and if it doesn’t work out, I’ll get a part-time job.

I, at least, want to try and make it since I have so much confidence. What I will do is upload videos to Youtube, stream on Twitch, go to craft shows with handmade products like my perler beads and Star’s jewelry wrapping. All I need to do is believe and work hard at it. I’ll give my two-week notice at my job next week.It will be easy because the job is really stressful. I work at a print shop and it’s really emotional draining. I keep stopping myself from

It will be easy because the job is really stressful. I work at a print shop and it’s really emotional draining. I keep stopping myself from quitting on the spot and not coming in. People who have had stressful jobs in the past will know what I mean. I’m excited about my decision and this will really change my life.

Thanks for reading and remember to STAY HEALTHY!

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Work + Exercise = Feeling Great

Anime People WorkingEver wonder how the working adults in the anime get in shape, even though it seems like they have no time? They exercised at work! I’m starting to do that as well since it seems like I haven’t had to the time to go to the gym lately. I came across this website called and they have a list of workouts you can do at and away from your desk. Seriously, I think these can be done anywhere. Here are my favorites!

  • Walking ‖‖ Even though I do enough of that because I work at a print shop.
  • The Wall Sit ‖‖ I wish I could do this one but my boss is always walking back and forth and he’ll ask me what I’m doing lol
  • Calf raises ‖‖ Never thought of this one! As I’m waiting for a test print, I can do 15 calf raises
  • Standing Leg Curl ‖‖ Instead of sitting at my desk, I could be doing some leg curls. No one will notice.
  • Bicep Curls ‖‖ Not only will I do this with the stapler but I will also use the desk tape and jobs that’s already printed. A lot of paper is heavy so while I’m taking it to be cut down, I could be doing some curls with them.
  • The Pinstripe Push-Up ‖‖ I have no clue what you would call this otherwise but when I was talking to a coworker, I leaned in on the table in front of me and pushed out. I was about to do 5 of these before the conversation is over. He didn’t seem to mind what I was doing. 😀
  • Torso Twist ‖‖ Wish I would’ve known about this before! What a great idea! Some of my time is spent seating down in my chair, if I’m not standing next to a printer. You can also do this standing, it’s great for your back as well.
  • The “Weeee” Desk Chair Wheel ‖‖ Basically, you pull your legs up a little bit where it’s not touching the ground and then you pull yourself to and away from the desk. This really helps your abs as well.
  • Ab Squeeze ‖‖ Just squeezing your abs periodically can help keep your ab muscles engaged.

I did these exercises and I feel as if I had a full body workout. Now it doesn’t seem so bad that I didn’t go to the gym and I can say I worked out for the day. I’m going to do this for two weeks and see if I’ll start seeing results!

Run Otaku Run Year Challenge Week 13!

This week is core week for the challenge! This will help me balance with the week I had last week. Still haven’t gone to the gym yet but I hopefully we’ll go today. We had an unplanned meeting yesterday and it ran well into the night. I’m doing the intermittent fast again today to try to reset my body. I feel so bad about not doing my post for the challenge but sometimes life gets in the way, you’ll just have to work around and don’t give it up!

Rest Day, A day of muscles catching up to you

My poor muscles! The day before I did the challenge and they said no more, we want to take a breathe! So yesterday, we didn’t go to the gym, although I really wanted to go on the elliptical for 30 mins at least and do some stretches. Someone above must have known my secret agenda because I had to stay REALLY late at work and I wasn’t able to go. We had dinner late, not a healthy dinner mind you, and went home to go to bed. My muscles feel a lot better so we will go to the gym today and work out Day 5 of the Run Otaku Run Year Challenge – Give Me Muscles Goku!

Cya at the gym!

Eatting Healthy is Easy at Work

Just a little Tuesday #inspiration to get you through the day: "Believe you can and you're halfway there." - TR

Ok so I started a new job as as graphic designer at another print shop, because my boss before sold his business. The new jobs is closer to my house and starts later, 9am 😀 Everything seems to go swimmingly at work so far. Just trying to get use to the new procedures. One thing I need to get use to is that I’M THE ONLY ONE THAT DRINKS COFFEE. lol That was a shock. What really funny is that they have a coffee maker there. So I bought instant coffee from Nescafe. It’s good. I have to warm up the water in the microwave though. *shrugs* give and take. So yeah eating habit is still the norm. I get healthy snacks during the week to keep at work like fruit and veggies and sparkling water. That’s not all I get but some.

Now for a great announcement, I finally joined a gym. It’s called Body Mechanics and it’s great. They have fitness classes and a room with boxing bags. Awesome! I have to figure out how to get there after work since I take the bus home. This week Star will be taking the car to go to work at 5. I get off at 5 so we can’t share the car. But the great thing about this job is that it’s only down 1 street. Once I get to my street, my house is walk a way. Getting exercise so I don’t mind. But yeah, twice I forgot my gym close so I can take the bus to the gym. *sighs* The gym closes at 11 but I don’t want to grab my clothes, walk to the gym then walk back home. Too much!

So tomorrow when I wake up in the morning, the clothes I want to wear, I’ll stuff in my purse. It’ll look weird, walking into work with clothes in my purse but you gotta do what you gotta do. I downloaded this app to help me choose which parts of the body to work out. Because I admit, the couples of times I went, I looked like a lost lamb trying to find what to work out next. Embarrassing.

Running Armband

I changed my mind about the cell phone case after I saw this pattern.

Crocheting Again

crochet to be awesome #crochet #quotes @Corina Gray

I have started back crocheting when I have the chance. I’ve already finished one item of mine. It’s a cowl and even though I know that I live in Florida, I know that I will need to use this on one of those very few cold days that I will need to cover my face when I’m outside. I can also use it as a really nice headband.

My next project is a cell phone case from, Crochet Geek, Love her btw, for my iphone since I KEEP DROPPING IT. Anyway, I tried to do it last night but it was too tight so I’ll have to do it again and lengthen the first chain that I will do. Below is the youtube videos for those of you that would like to try to do the pattern yourselves. I’ve also copied the pattern directions for those who would like to read the pattern instead of watch the video.

G Crochet Hook
Yarn 4-Ply worsted weight

Multiple: 2 + 3 (she meant round 2 + 3 btw. You’ll have to alternate.)

Chain 15 (I will probably have to do 20 or more)

Round 1: SC in each ch across (14 SC), on the opposite side sc in
ea ch.join at the beginning. (14 SC). There will be a total of 28
single crochet when finished.

Round 2: Star Bottom: Chain 3, pull up a loop 3 times through the
next 3 chains and in ea of the next 2 SC for this first round. (HDC
for remaining rounds). There will be a total of 6 loops on the
hook. Pull through all 6 loops on the hook with a sl st. Make 15
bottom sections of the star stitch, join in the beginning ch 3.

Round 3: Star Top: Sl St over to the closing joining the previous
6. CH 2, HDC in same sp. 2 HDC in ea joining space around. (15
sets of 2 HDC)

Rows 2 & 3 complete a full star stitch. Complete both row until you
get your pouch the length you want it to be.

Part one

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Part two