Mondays Are The Worst Gym Days

Greeting Guys!

I walked into the gym ready to get my first day of an exercise plan I had in motion. I had walked past the free weights and saw the area filled with me. I was still optimistic that I would be able to do all my exercises without any problems. Man was I wrong! 


I walked out of the changing room looking at my phone to see what’s the first exercise. Once I found that out, I looked at the bench I needed. It was taken. Ok, still feeling good, I looked at next exercise. That bench was taken up too. Ok… I got this. What’s the next exercise? Dips. Ok, that was free.


I finished my supersets of that I then looked at the benches again, still taken. Ok, so what’s after Dips, the Pec-Deck Machine. Now the gym I go to have two of those machines because many people use them… they were BOTH taken. For crying out loud!

I finally see a bench clear and rush over before someone else gets it. I get my weigh and below is what I see at the free weights.


I can’t begin explaining the level of frustration. The thing is I know this is because people are hogging the weights. If you aren’t using them, then put them back! Well, I was able to do my workout but only have the equipment I needed became free. I waited a long time. There’s a bigger gym 15 minutes away from this one but Star’s job is right next door.

I will have to deal for now. Thanks for reading this post. Remember to stay healthy and have a great day.

Road To Rogue: Youfit Challenge

Hello everyone! Star and I are taking part in the Countdown To Change. It’s a Youfit challenge they have every year. You can win cash prizes. Star is doing it to win but I’m doing it to help motivate. If I’m part of a challenge, I know that I will stick to it and accomplish my goals. We weren’t able to do it last year. 3 times a week they have classes that you can take. I don’t know if you get a personal trainer. That would be cool though.

It ends April 1st. So that means you have 2 months and 1 week to lose as much weight as possible. They go by percent and not pounds. Thank goodness! We went to weight ourselves at the gym and the first scale was so off. It said I was 123 and I WISH that was true! LOL. That around the goal weight I want to be by Supercon.

I weighed myself this morning and I was 147.2. Yeah, WAY OFF. So he went to go get the dial scale. It said I was 143. Still off but oh well. Not 20 pounds off! So now it’s a race to the finish. Star and I said that we will take a picture of our own scale at home with the phone to show the date. This way, we can mark our own progress.

Thank you for reading this post! Wish us luck! Have a great day and remember to stay healthy!

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Working out during the holidays… not happening


These past two weeks, we haven’t been able to go to the gym. We normally go to the gym right after work because these past two weeks, other obligations has been coming up and we are going home at 8. Oh well, we are still watching what we are eating and making sure that we aren’t going over our calories. Can’t wait for the holidays to be over so we can get back into our routine. We were doing so good in the beginning. Going very day and having the weekends as rest day.

We go to a gym called the Zoo Health Club. It’s a good gym but expensive. We use to go Youfit but we canceled our membership because they didn’t have a gym where we moved too. Well now they are opening a gym down the street from our jobs. They are $20 a month for two people. Which is WAY better than paying $60. Next week, we are going to them to sign up on their Pre-sale, which is a special that they are running right now because the gym opens. 😀

That’s all for now!

Cya At The Gym-01

South Beach Diet – Phase 1 – Day 4

I worked out at the gym yesterday yay! I did circuit training first then I went to the elliptical for 45 mins. Got tired pretty quickly because I did a level 10 on the elliptical instead of 7 or 8. Today I think I’ll do the strength training and then go to the elliptical for 30 mins. I’m trying to spend less time on the cardio and more time doing something else. Then maybe one day a week I’ll concentrate on cardio. I woke up today being 142 flat! OMG!! I finally made it. I’m happy to be closer to being under 140. I think I’ll celebrate when I get to that point. I don’t know yet.

Yesterday’s Meal


Poached Salmon and Egg Whites • Coffee

Mid-morning Snack

Cottage Cheese


Publix Chef Salad

Mid-afternoon Snack

None 😦


Ground Beef With Sliced Peppers Salad


Circuit Training • Elliptical

No 24 Back to Youfit

Oh well, we visited a Sport club gym for 24 and it was horrible in my opinion. The machines were old, the carpet was torn, the weights we a mess and so many other things that make me not want to go. I would like to go to the Super-Sport club but I’m in the process of moving and I don’t know whether I’m going to be close to it or not. For now I’ll stay at Youfit. Speaking of which, I was able to go yesterday and did 500 calories on the elliptical. It felt great! I haven’t been to the gym in months because I was behind on payments but now I’m caught up and ready to get this body in shape. I have a month and a half for the Florida Super Con and I want to look great as Stocking. 🙂

Fitness Diary

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24 Hour Fitness

I’ve decided that I’m done with Youfit and I want to go back to 24 hour fitness. I know it’s more expensive but it’s a better gym for me. Not only is it open for 24 Hours LOL but it has other benefits, like Pool, Jacuzzi, Classes, etc. Can’t wait. Next weekend I’m signing up. I’m so happy!

As for my weight, I’m bouncing up and down like a yo-yo at the weight that I don’t want to be 149-147. *sighs* I’m hoping that exercising at the gym will help. I’m one of those people who weight themselves everyday because I want to know my progress. It would kill me if I didn’t know. LOL.

I’m also watching what I eat and I’ll admit that sometimes I don’t make good choices. Yesterday I had panera bread that was 390 calories. Good right? But then I turned around and had Coldstones. Now I will admit I had their smallest sizes but my GF gave me some of hers as well and she had the biggest size “Gotta Have It”. LOL At least I’m not over 150 like I thought I would be over this weekend. YAY!

Now I’m trying to start off the week right again with what I eat. Here’s to my journey of 130 lbs. Wish me luck!

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