Gym in the Morning and Workouts Before Bed

I’m very proud of myself. Recently I have got up in the morning to go to the gym. This is a great opportunity to get to work on time as well. I love that we can see the sunrise through the gym windows. Not only that, but it’s so peaceful because not many people are at the gym. After that, we get through our day and go home. Before bed, we do some core workouts. I have an app called “Fitness Buddy”, I recommend it, and it helps us to figure out what exercises we want to do.

Core Exercises:

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Run Otaku Run Year Challenge – WEEK 15

Hello everyone. How was your Easter weekend. Fun I hope! Here’s this weeks challenge. These exercises will help the back, abs and legs.

Run Otaku Run Year Challenge Week 13!

This week is core week for the challenge! This will help me balance with the week I had last week. Still haven’t gone to the gym yet but I hopefully we’ll go today. We had an unplanned meeting yesterday and it ran well into the night. I’m doing the intermittent fast again today to try to reset my body. I feel so bad about not doing my post for the challenge but sometimes life gets in the way, you’ll just have to work around and don’t give it up!

Run Otaku Run Year Challenge Week 12

Hello Everyone. I hope your weekend was fun and exciting. We didn’t go to the gym because we took the time out to clean the house as much as we could. We still got some ways to go because we get some so late that we go straight to sleep. Hopefully in the future, we’ll have more time on the weekends to get some things done.

Ok so it’s WEEK 12 of Run Otaku Run Year Challenge. I’ve seen some changes in my body and I’m happy with what I’m seeing. Now we’ve gained weight but we don’t see any extra fat, so hopefully it’s the weight of gaining muscle. α•™(β–€ΜΏΜΏΔΉΜ―ΜΏΜΏβ–€ΜΏ ΜΏ) α•—

  • 25 Squats
  • 20 Back Lunges
  • 25 Calf Raises

This week is LEG WEEK from the combination that my cousin has come up with. I’m fine with that. My arms are still a little sore from last week’s challenge. lol


Run Otaku Run Year Challenge WEEK 11

This week’s challenge is…

  • Squats
  • Dumbbell Pullover
  • Dumbbell Press
  • Leg Lifts

I wanted to workout more than one body part this week. There are three ways to do leg lifts. You can do this on the floor or use the machines. I prefer the machines really but it makes you work harder. It makes you engage your core more.