Shonen Jump Vinyl Figures Mystery Minis Unboxing

Thank you for watching my Shonen Jump Vinyl Figures Mystery Minis Unboxing. I found this box in Michaels, which is rare because they mostly sell vinyl figures of tv shows, heroes and Disney characters. If you want me to unbox more, let me know in the comments.

I’m going to look for more anime type mystery boxes that are not like Anime Loot Crate or Akibento because I believe that people need to know of other mystery boxes that are out there other than the big boxes. I can’t wait for this month’s Akibento Box though.


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Fangirl Reaction To Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. SO HYPED!!

Thank you for watching my fangirl reaction to Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. I’ve been a fan of the Jurassic Park movies since the first one. I’m definitely going to see this in theatres. I’ve been a fan of the series since the first movie. I’ve seen all the movies so far. My favorite is, of course, the first movie.


I have the first Jurassic World movie and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched it. They did such a great job with the first one. I have high hopes for the second one.

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Bayonetta 3 HYPE!!

It looks like they are giving her old hairstyle back. Which I‘m rather sad about that because I did like her hairstyle in the second game. I can’t wait to see more trailers for this game. I‘m purchasing it. 

My Very First The Sims 4 Let’s Play

This is my very first Let’s Play of the Sims 4. I know this is a little rough but with enough recordings I know I will become the great Simmer I want to be. I’m so nervous because I’ve only uploaded a live stream through twitch to Youtube so I never had to previously record and then edit the video.
My Youtube Channel isn’t monetized yet but I already know that once I get to do that my Sims let’s plays will get demonetized and I’m not worried. I wanted to share my fun or the Sims 4 anyways with the rest of the world.
Like the video, subscription to catch more of our videos in the future, and comment on any suggestion you have, ESPECIALLY if you are a simmer yourself. I would love pointers. Thank you for watching and remember to stay healthy and have a great day!

Hurricane Irma Youtube Video

Here is our video of what we did during Hurricane Irma. We have our internet and power back, thank goodness. There are still a lot of people without it. We have heard that another storm called Maria could be making it’s way to us, we hope not!

We did some drunk karaoke to help pass the time, you have been warned lol




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Shannon and Sarah!

Run Otaku Run Year Challenge – Week 10 – Day 2 Complete (Tuck and Roll)

Good afternoon everyone! This week’s challenge is to do Sit Ups, Roll Over then do Pushups. I was a little skeptical about it because the sit ups were hard for me to do in the beginning. Since I’m top heavy, I have more weight to lift and that’s annoying when you want to do exercises like sit ups and pushups.

Once I started, I was shocked! It was so easy for me to do a sit up with MUCH strain. When you see the video below, you’ll see that I almost lost balance at one point but I was able to get back to the workout. I’m so proud of myself. It’s such an accomplishment. Granted that wasn’t a regular sit up but hey, I was able to lift myself off the ground!

Now I’m wondering what other exercises I can do that I couldn’t do before! This challenge has helped me so much. I wish I could share it with other people but no one has asked to join. I’m not giving up though! One of the missions of Fitness To Cosplay is to inspire and there’s no way I’m giving up!


Regular Sit Up
Regular Sit Up